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  • RICK STEVES’: Dynamic Europe RICK STEVES’: Dynamic Europe Travel guru Rick Steves tours three of Europe's most energetic capitals — Amsterdam, Prague, and Berlin. In each city, Rick shares his valuable insights on art, culture, history, and practical, experience-enhancing travel advice.
    Tuesday, March 3, 7pm-8pm  [Book/DVD Offer]  [Find all Broadcasts]
  • THE JEWISH JOURNEY: America THE JEWISH JOURNEY: America Trace Jewish immigration to the US through the centuries. Top scholars, notable writers, and immigrants themselves share stories of those who made a leap of faith to escape persecution or pursue opportunity.
    Tuesday, March 3, 7pm-8pm  [DVD Offer]  [Find all Broadcasts]
  • VIEWFINDER: Torn — Recovering California’s Stolen Cultural Heritage VIEWFINDER: Torn — Recovering California’s Stolen Cultural Heritage In the desolate Owens Valley, looters have been stealing or destroying ancient artifacts, including petroglyphs thousands of years old. Join archeologists, Native American tribal members, and federal land officials as they try to recover these priceless pieces of the past, while restoring and protecting them for future generations.
    Wednesday, March 4, 7pm-7:pm  [More]  [Find all Broadcasts]
  • SACRED EARTH SACRED EARTH Explore visual-feasts of natural wonders with Emmy-award winning filmmaker Jan Nickman in travels to inaccessible and sacred lands of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and California. Go beyond a discussion and into the experience of nature.
    Wednesday, March 4, 8pm-9pm  [CD/DVD Offer]  [Find all Broadcasts]
  • THIS IS YOUR DO-OVER WITH DR. MICHAEL ROIZEN THIS IS YOUR DO-OVER WITH DR. MICHAEL ROIZEN No matter what you’ve done in your past, you can change your habits, reverse the damage, and get a new beginning. Discover the five do-over deeds that are the secret to losing weight, living longer, maintaining brain function, and total body wellness.
    Wednesday, March 4, 9pm-10:30pm  [Book/DVD Offer]  [Find all Broadcasts]
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