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  • KVIE ARTS SHOWCASE: Crowd Funding with Zach Braff KVIE ARTS SHOWCASE: Crowd Funding with Zach Braff - New Zach Braff discusses his new crowd-funded film. Discover contemporary Native American art at the Cross Currents exhibit in Denver. Meet longtime dancer Sheri Williams and Sacramento cake artist Tennille Finnegan-Saldivar. A pilot-turned-artist discusses how a love of maps inspired her to paint.
    Tuesday, June 30, 7pm-7:30pm   [More]  [Find all Broadcasts]
  • AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: Mount Rushmore AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: Mount Rushmore High on a granite cliff in South Dakota’s Black Hills the huge carved faces of four American presidents, that together they constitute the world’s largest sculpture. Explore the story of Mount Rushmore’s creation, which is as bizarre and wonderful as the monument itself.
    Tuesday, June 30, 8pm-9pm   [More]  [Find all Broadcasts]
  • FRONTLINE: Growing Up Trans - New FRONTLINE: Growing Up Trans - New Explore the struggles and choices facing transgender kids and their parents. Through moving, personal stories of children, parents, and doctors, the film examines new medical interventions increasingly being offered at younger ages.
    Tuesday, June 30, 10pm-11:30pm   [More]  [Find all Broadcasts]
  • VIEWFINDER: Afterglow VIEWFINDER: Afterglow Discover how in 1969 five college friends in Chico combined their rock musical talents to form Afterglow. After one album, they disbanded. Unknown to them, their music lived on far beyond Chico.
    Wednesday, July 1, 7pm-7:30pm   [More]  [Find all Broadcasts]
  • OPERATION WILD - New OPERATION WILD — New In this new series, join veterinarians around the world as they perform groundbreaking operations to try to save animal lives. Discover whether an ingenious idea can save pandas and if an operation can transform a young gorilla’s life.
    Wednesday, July 1, 8pm-9pm   [More]  [Find all Broadcasts]
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