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  • KVIE ARTS SHOWCASE: Violinist Regina Carter KVIE ARTS SHOWCASE: Violinist Regina Carter Meet Amy Liebrand—a leader in the global mobile-photography movement. Discover how renowned violinist Regina Carter unlocks the past with every note. Examine the shift in Norman Rockwell's paintings toward the end of his career. Meet a sculptor and Vietnam vet who uses his war experiences as inspiration.
    Tuesday, March 31, 7pm-7:30pm  [More]  [Find all Broadcasts]
  • TWICE BORN: Stories From the Special Delivery Unit TWICE BORN: Stories From the Special Delivery Unit Witness groundbreaking fetal surgery in this miniseries that takes an intimate look at the Special Delivery Unit at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where rare surgeries are performed on babies inside the womb. Meet the doctors who have defied skeptics to pursue this high-risk, high-reward career path.
    Tuesday, March 31, 8pm-9pm  [More]  [Find all Broadcasts]
  • KEN BURNS PRESENTS CANCER: The Emperor of All Maladies — The Blind Men and the Elephant KEN BURNS PRESENTS CANCER: The Emperor of All Maladies — The Blind Men and the Elephant In part 2 of 3, the story resumes in the wake of the declaration of a “war on cancer” by Richard Nixon in 1971. Follow the search for a cure, intertwined with the contemporary story of an oncologist diagnosed with breast cancer who faces emotional and physical struggles.
    Tuesday, March 31, 9pm-11pm  [More]  [Find all Broadcasts]
  • VIEWFINDER: Autism — Emerging from the Maze VIEWFINDER: Autism — Emerging from the Maze The numbers are staggering: one out of every 88 children in America has autism. Examine the research and advancements in treatment at the UC Davis MIND Institute and explore how a clinic at Sutter Health is helping autistic adults.
    Wednesday, April 1, 7pm-7:30pm  [More]  [Find all Broadcasts]
  • NOVA: Alien Planets Revealed NOVA: Alien Planets Revealed NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler Telescope has discovered thousands of exotic new worlds far beyond our solar system. Are any of them like Earth? And what sort of life could flourish on them? Join a mind-bending exploration of strange worlds and the creatures that might exist there.
    Wednesday, April 1, 8pm-9pm  [More]  [Find all Broadcasts]
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