My Life is Murder Image

The Boyfriend Experience
S1 Ep101 | 42m 26s

Retired detective Alexa Crowe is contacted by her former boss to help on an unsolved case.

My Life is Murder Image

The Locked Room
S1 Ep102 | 42m 55s

Kieran brings Alexa another cold case— a family man shot dead in a locked motel room.

My Life is Murder Image

Lividity in Lycra
S1 Ep103 | 42m 14s

Kieran suspects foul plat in the cycling death of a CFO, and asks Alexa to look into it.

My Life is Murder Image

Can’t Stand the Heat
S1 Ep104 | 42m 39s

When a culinary studen tis found dead in the school's kitchenAlexa goes undercover.r.

My Life is Murder Image

Feet of Clay
S1 Ep105 | 43m 20s

A closed hit-and-run case is re-opened with the discovery of a mysterious message.

My Life is Murder Image

Another Bloody Podcast
S1 Ep106 | 42m 53s

A true-crime podcast blames Kieran for the lack of progress on an investigation.

My Life is Murder Image

Old School
S1 Ep107 | 43m 5s

Alexa revisits her youth when her beloved high-school teacher is crushed to death.

My Life is Murder Image

Remains to Be Seen
S1 Ep108 | 42m 28s

After a collapse forces Alexa to ponder mortality, Kieran uses the scare to assign a case.

My Life is Murder Image

Fake Empire
S1 Ep109 | 42m 20s

Alexa declines Kieran's next case until a clairvoyant's involvement is mentioned.

My Life is Murder Image

Mirror, Mirror
S1 Ep110 | 43m 10s

As Alexa's birthday approaches, Kieran gives her another case as an early present.

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