Mother of the Forest Tree

Explore the striking sequoias in Calaveras Big Trees State Park. See the Mother of the Forest Tree, stripped of its bark in 1852 and still standing today. Hear why the bark was sent around the world to share the sequoia story.

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Exploring California

KVIE’s Rob Stewart brings you the stories that capture Northern California’s spectacular beauty,
rich history, and fascinating people and places. Join Rob each week as he explores the best our
Golden State has to offer on Rob on the Road!
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Rob on the Road: Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue
Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue
Visit a farm in Plymouth that fosters donkeys.

Rob on the Road: Russ Solomon Shares Art and Heart
Russ Solomon Shares Art and Heart
Explore the home of Tower Records founder Russ Solomon.

Rob on the Road: Canvassing California
Canvassing California
Travel along with Rob on eight mini adventures.

Rob on the Road: Placer County Mandarins
Placer County Mandarins
Meet Richard Ferreira, a mandarin grower in Placer County.

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