We are public television for Sacramento and the Central Valley, a local part of the most trusted organization in America (CARAVAN ORC International, January 2015). We reach nearly 1.4 million households in the 20th largest television market – and many of our loyal viewers are upscale consumers, community leaders, and business decision makers (get more information about our audience here). Learn more about how your business can get involved, then contact our sponsorship team to start the process.

Sponsorship happens at every level.

Corporations, small businesses, government agencies, unions, associations, foundations, and other nonprofits are all proud KVIE sponsors. Your group can sponsor KVIE programming, support events, volunteer as a group and see your employees and logo on air, participate in corporate matching gifts programs, and more. Click here to view our media kit and see how your group can get involved.

Why sponsor KVIE?

  • Build brand identification and strengthen your corporate image. When you sponsor KVIE, you are making a meaningful contribution to our mission to serve our community – and the community will recognize that. (Source: Cone Corporate Citizenship Study; 2008 GFK Roper Public Affairs & Media Survey;PBS image Study)
    • 90% of Americans have a more positive image of companies that take part in cause-related marketing.
    • 74% of PBS viewers believe that PBS sponsors are committed to quality and excellence.
    • Almost two-thirds of PBS viewers are more likely to purchase the product or service of a PBS sponsor.
  • Our sponsors’ messages have a greater impact in the low-clutter environment found only on public television. Our dignified approach to on-air support is appreciated and respected by our viewers. With no hard sells and less than two minutes of sponsor messages in any given half an hour, your message will stand out.
  • Build a relationship with the community you serve. Strengthen your ties to the community and increase the effectiveness of your comprehensive marketing campaign through our community- and member-based possibilities. Click here to learn more about on-air sponsorship, click here to learn more about community outreach and special events, or contact our sponsorship team to discuss your sponsorship idea.

Ready to get started? Contact Kevin Smith-Fagan, our Vice President of Leadership Giving & Associate GM at (916) 641-3595, or ksmithfagan@kvie.org.