KVIE is dedicated to providing world-class service to our members. The answer to your question could very well be found on this page. If it’s not, feel free to send us an email.


FAQs About Member Services

Active members at the $35 and above level ($25 for senior citizens) receive our monthly programming guide. Guides are generally sent out one week prior to the end of the month to ensure that they arrive on time. If you have not received yours by the first of the month, email your name and address to member@kvie.org or call us at (916) 641-3500. You can also download a PDF version from our website’s home page.
You can complete the online form or email Donor Services at member@kvie.org with your old address, new address, name, phone number, and membership number if you have it available.
Your membership number appears just above your name on the members’ programming guide you receive each month.
We mail an acknowledgement at the end of January of all contributions (less the fair market value of any requested thank you gifts) for the prior year.If you do not receive yours by mid February, email member@kvie.org or call (916) 641-3500.

Programs produced by KVIE such as ViewFinder or Rob on the Road can be purchased with a credit card at our online store at shopkvie.org or by calling (916) 641-3500.

To purchase copies of PBS programs such as Nature and NOVA, call (800) 328-7171 or visit shoppbs.org.

To purchase copies of any of Huell Howser program such as California’s Gold, Road Trip, or California’s Golden Parks you can visit the Huell Howser Archives at Chapman University.


FAQs About Our Pledge Drives

KVIE relies on support from viewers in order to accomplish our mission. On-air fundraising is an inexpensive and effective means to ensure KVIE’s success as a non-profit public television station. Over 50% of our support comes from viewers like you. Pledge drives are one of the most effective and reliable methods we have for raising funds so that we can continue to bring you quality programming.

Delivery generally takes about four to six weeks from the time we receive payment (excluding concert tickets). As a non-profit organization, KVIE has neither the storage capacity nor the financial capability to pre-order pledge items and carry a large inventory like a retail business. Orders for the exact number of gifts are placed to a vendor within days of the pledge being taken. You will receive notification via mail if there is a significant delay beyond the average four to six week time frame.

Concert tickets are sent First Class mail about two to three weeks prior to the event (with full payment by charge card). If you have not received your tickets a week prior to the concert, email member@kvie.org or call (916) 641-3500.

You can call (800) 270-6601 at any time. During on-air pledges the phone will be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other times the phone will be answered during our normal business hours or you can leave a message and a Donor Services staff member will return your call. The best way to pledge anytime 365 days a year is online at our website at www.kvie.org/support.


FAQs About Our Programming and Broadcasting

It is KVIE’s objective to serve the largest possible audience in the community within our mission of educational programming and financial ability. To do so sometimes means discontinuing a program or moving the program to our secondary channel KVIE2. In recent years programming changes have occurred primarily as a result of small audiences, the cost of broadcasting rights, or the loss of broadcast rights to other media, mainly cable networks.
As a provider of a valuable public service, we strive to include all segments of society in what we broadcast, and to do so objectively. It is never our intent to favor one point of view over another. Our intent is to provide programming that represents a wide array of subjects and viewpoints all within our mission. Over time you’ll find balance in our program schedule.
Active members at the $35 and above level ($25 for senior citizens) receive our members’ programming guide each month. Our schedule is also available online.

Over the air – if you have a digital TV or a digital converter box you can watch KVIE2 with a good roof antenna. You’ll find KVIE2 at 6.2.

Basic Cable – In Sacramento County on Comcast 7 and in Sacramento and Placer counties on SureWest 7.

Digital Cable – Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto market on digital cable: Comcast 190 and Charter 286.

DirecTV and Dish Network do not currently carry KVIE2.

The program listings for KVIE2 are available online.


FAQs About Supporting KVIE

KVIE accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit and/or debit cards. We also accept personal checks, money orders, PayPal, and online banking payments through nearly all online banking sites including MyCheckfree.com.

You can choose to support KVIE as a KVIE Sustainer – an automatic ongoing monthly member. Thank you gifts are available to KVIE Sustainers up to the donation value promoted for that gift. Event tickets are rarely available.

To start the monthly contribution, call (916) 641-3500 and provide your checking account information or credit card number along with the amount you would like to charge each month. For the checking account we need the routing number and account number for electronic funds transfer or we will accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit cards.

KVIE Sustainer is available to all members at a minimum of $5 a month.

You receive the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting public television with an ongoing dependable source of revenue and in return you’ll continue to receive the members programming guide, any thank you gifts applicable to the level of your support, the Members’ Program Preference Poll and each year you’ll receive our annual acknowledgement of net contributions at the end of January for tax purposes.

Volunteers are needed in almost every department of the station. To apply, first complete the Volunteer Application.

All potential volunteers must have an application on file in order to be considered for any position. If a volunteer match is made, we will contact you to determine your availability. We will hold your application for six months.

We are constantly seeking energetic phone bank groups for our membership pledge drives.

Here is how to get involved:
First – call to book a pledge date that works for your group’s calendar. Once you have booked your own shift via telephone, you’ll receive a confirmation package.

Second – start recruiting your 16 volunteers from your friends, family and coworkers (ages 16 and older). Return your completed roster of volunteer names to KVIE.

Third – arrive at KVIE on your designated date and we’ll take you through all of the training for the telephones and computers. We’ll even provide snacks and coffee!

Contact the KVIE Volunteer Coordinator at (916) 641-3593 to sign up today. But hurry – time slots fill up quickly!

If KVIE has enriched your life in a special way, increased your enjoyment of the arts, expanded your appreciation of science and nature, or nurtured your children or grandchildren, you may wish to acknowledge this through a planned gift. Through your will or trust you may specify a dollar amount, a property, or a percentage of your estate. Gifts made through wills or trusts are one of the most popular forms of bequests. For more information about gift planning, please call 916-641-3595 or email Legacy@kvie.org. Also visit our online information on planned giving.

Matching gifts are an excellent way to increase your support of KVIE Public Television here in the Central Valley and Sierra. Many companies match employee contributions to non-profits. As one of the most visible non-profits in the region KVIE enjoys the support of a number of local companies. Please check with your Human Resources office to see if your company participates in matching gift programs.

To set up your matching gift, obtain a form from your company’s Human Resources office. Next, fill out the form and turn it in to your company’s matching gifts coordinator. Your gift immediately starts working overtime to support your public television station.