Episode 6

When a body is found on Jesus Green, the trail of clues leads Will and Geordie to an oppressive convent. Leonard's father arrives in Grantchester.

Season 5 premieres on Sunday, June 14 at 9PM

Will Davenport (Tom Brittney) has settled into his role as the vicar of Grantchester. Things seem to be going right – until Will is reminded there’s darkness lurking in his little corner of Cambridgeshire. Robson Green stars as his law-enforcement ally, Inspector Geordie Keating, in this mystery series inspired by the James Runcie novels.

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Episode 6

S5 Ep6 | 52m 45s

A body and a trail of clues leads Will and Geordie to an oppressive convent.

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Episode 5

S5 Ep5 | 53m 5s

When Will finds two boys near death, he must face up to his part in their tragedy.

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Episode 4

S5 Ep4 | 53m 5s

A streaker is found dead, sparking an unusual case for Will and Geordie.

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Episode 3

S5 Ep3 | 53m 5s

A date at the cinema turns sour for Will when the projectionist is murdered.

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Flip the Script

20m 16s

The cast take turns playing different characters while reading Season 5 scenes!

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S4 Ep5 | 1m 4s

After tragedy, Will struggles with his responsibilities at home and in Grantchester.

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Grantchester Season 5 Writers Room Reunites

6m 37s

Watch a special behind-the-scenes video of the latest MASTERPIECE Studio podcast episode!

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What Advice Would You Give Your Character?

S5 Ep6 | 41s

The cast share the piece of advice they'd give to their characters if they could!

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