Episode 5

Will struggles with a life-changing decision. A young man’s death proves something to Geordie.

James Norton stars as the handsome, jazz-loving vicar Sidney Chambers, with Robson Green as his law-enforcement ally, Inspector Geordie Keating, in Grantchester, a mystery series based on the acclaimed novels by James Runcie. Although Sidney lives the life of a clergyman, sometimes he can’t help but fall into more worldly habits as he solves murders in the bucolic village of Grantchester.


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Will's Journey

Tom Brittney breaks down who Will Davenport is, and his journey this season.

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Hopes for Season 5

Tom Brittney predicts what may be ahead for Will, Geordie and more in Season 5.

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After tragedy, Will struggles with his responsibilities at home and in Grantchester.

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Working with Robson Green

Tom Brittney describes what it was like to work alongside Robson Green.

Full Grantchester Episodes

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Episode 4

Geordie is surprised to discover where Will really grew up.

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Episode 3

Will is the only one able to reach a farming family’s child, who is accused of murder.

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Episode 2

Geordie and Leonard investigate a professor’s death.

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Episode 1

A murder sees racial tensions spike. Geordie investigates a slum and a deadly web of vice.