Why Give a Grant to KVIE
Do you have a family foundation?  Does your work distribute grant money?  Is there a specific topic or issue that is important to you?  If you answered yes and would like to give to KVIE then gifting through a grant might be for you.  Money received through a grant can be directed towards a specific project or program or towards general expenses.
How To KVIE a Grant

Advise your Family Fund account manager to distribute a grant to:

KVIE Public Television
Leadership Giving Department
2030 West El Camino Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95833

Ask your work what their process is for gifting grant money.  If they require a proposal, we can submit one.  Contact Kevin Smith-Fagan at (916) 641-3595 for further details.

Contact Leadership Giving

If you would like to explore donating $1,000 or more (Masterpiece Circle), or you are including KVIE in your bequest plans (Explorer Fund), contact Kevin Smith-Fagan by calling (916)641-3595 or ksmithfagan@kvie.org.