The Curiosity Project

Explore the spark of curiosity that led local researchers to achievement.

Wednesdays 7:00PM

Take an in-depth look at our history, present, and future with ViewFinder. Each episode is a unique documentary look at our community, bringing unique voices and stories to the front and framing them in a larger perspective.

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Full ViewFinder Episodes

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Sleep Deprived

Investigate some of the most common sleep disorders and look into treatments.

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The Ito Sisters

Explore the lives of three Nisei sisters from the Sacramento Delta, including internment.

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The Battle for Jack London's Mountain

Discover how people banded together to save the Sonoma home of Jack London from 2017 fires

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Beyond the Ice Bucket Challenge - Battling ALS

Discover how early diagnosis and new research changing the lives of people battling ALS.