Episode 18

Robert Paylor’s inspiring story of determination after a devastating rugby injury that left him paralyzed; CA Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris shares coping strategies for kids and parents; backyard chicken business during a pandemic with Two Flew the Coop; stories of Sacramento’s unknown history; the lotus flowers at William Land Park with Master Gardner Daisy Mah; and grieving through art

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Sunday Stories celebrates the people and places across our region and their fascinating, impactful, and fun stories. Discover the artists, educators, entrepreneurs, decision makers, and inspired individuals making a positive difference in our communities. Explore our shared history, our cultural diversity, and unique places to visit.

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Sunday Stories Episodes

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Episode 18

S2021 Ep1 | 56m 46s

Determination, coping strategies for kids and parents, backyard chickens, and more.

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Episode 17

S2020 Ep17 | 56m 46s

Stories of resilience, PPE, self-discovery, business in unprecedented times, and more.

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Episode 16

S2020 Ep16 | 56m 46s

Student-run aquarium, motorcycle repair shop, hospice for the homeless, art and wellness.

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Episode 15

S2020 Ep15 | 56m 46s

Lake Tahoe Fire Academy, Thai Basil, Mercy Pedalers, TEAMride, Ladies to the Rescue.

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Episode 14

S2020 Ep14 | 56m 46s

The skill of being happy, NAACP President Betty Williams, Student Voices Campaign.

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Episode 13

S2020 Ep13 | 56m 46s

Oak Park’s Mother Rose. Napa Valley College wine career training. Unsung Heroes History.

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Episode 12

S2020 Ep12 | 56m 46s

Marine Mammal Center. African American Expressions. Equine and ranch management degree.

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Episode 11

S2020 Ep11 | 56m 46s

Raptor Center. Farm of the Future. Anti-bullying. Strum Shop. Dr. Elena Siegel.

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Episode 10

S2020 Ep10 | 56m 46s

Dual-language immersion. Soccer cleats with purpose. Community art and law enforcement.

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Episode 9

S2020 Ep9 | 56m 46s

Fleet Feet's founder. Jewish Foundation of Sacramento. Navy submarine. Tai Chi.

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Episode 8

S2020 Ep8 | 56m 46s

RSVP choir, yarn-making, Haggin Museum, Punjab dance.

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Episode 7

S2019 Ep7 | 56m 46s

10Ks with cops; Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra; beauty technology, Sikh culture.

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Episode 6

S2019 Ep6 | 56m 46s

A&W, Rocklin preschool, Culinary Institute of America, Goodwill

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Episode 5

S2019 Ep5 | 56m 46s

Yurok language, Patrick and Bobbin Mulvaney, Sacramento State's String Project.

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Episode 4

S2019 Ep4 | 56m 46s

Goathouse Brewing, music therapy, Alice Waters, Yosemite bears.

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Episode 3

S2019 Ep3 | 56m 46s

Leatherby's Family Creamery, Jose Hernandez, wildfire first responders.

Sunday Stories Extras

Excerpts from

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California Women Win the Vote!

On October 10, 1911, California became the sixth state where women could vote.

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Speak My Name and I Shall Live Again

Join a Sacramento resident as she explores her family's place in American history.

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The Sound of Giving

Follow Sacramento choir Reconciliation Singers: Voices of Peace as singers prepare concerts in support of the area’s first hospice facility for the homeless.

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Sleep Deprived

Investigate some of the most common sleep disorders and look into treatments.

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Valentia: Mexican-Americans in World War II

The experiences of Mexican-Americans during the Second World War.

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Those First 24 Hours

Follow the first responders who worked the first night of the Napa wine country fires.

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