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  • DOC MARTIN: Dry Your Tears DOC MARTIN: Dry Your Tears Martin struggles with fatherhood as his life changes dramatically. Determined to come to grips, he asks Louisa to move into his house so he can help to raise the child, and suggests Louisa and the baby could move to London with him.
    Saturday, 10/10 8pm-9pm  [More]  [Find all Broadcasts]
  • FATHER BROWN: The Ghost in the Machine - New FATHER BROWN: The Ghost in the Machine - NewParishioner Charlotte McKinley asks Father Brown to exorcise her house, which she believes is haunted by her sister Elspeth, who disappeared nine years earlier. The priest suspects that somebody is playing an elaborate prank until Charlotte herself disappears from a locked room.
    Saturday 10/10, 9pm-10pm  [More]  [Find all Broadcasts]
  • HOME FIRES: Episode 2 - New HOME FIRES: Part 2 - NewIt’s been three weeks since Britain declared war on Germany. As Frances and Joyce battle for leadership of the new WI, the other members face their own problems: Erica and Will’s relationship is tested after his cancer diagnosis, whilst Pat searches for ways to get some respite from her unhappy marriage to Bob.
    Sunday 10/11, 8pm-9pm  [More]  [Find all Broadcasts]
  • INDIAN SUMMERS - New INDIAN SUMMERS: Part 3 - NewIt’s the Sipi Fair in Simla, the only time in the year that the Indian community is allowed onto the grounds of the Simla Club. Sooni finds herself in serious trouble when she is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Sunday 10/11, 9pm-10pm  [More]  [Find all Broadcasts]
  • WIDOWER: Part 2 - New WIDOWER: Part 2 - NewAfter two failed attempts on Felicity’s life, Malcolm returns to Scotland and reinvents himself — this time as a perfect boyfriend to Simone.
    Sunday 10/11, 10pm-11pm  [More]  [Find all Broadcasts]
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