Zora Neale Huston (far left), Roberta Flack (center), Elizabeth S. Friedman (far right).

March is Women’s History Month! Join us as we celebrate the contributions and achievements of trailblazing women throughout history. Below we’ve gathered a list of insightful programs that illuminate the incredible journeys of women from the past and present, available to stream for free on the PBS App or with PBS KVIE Passport. Through topics on culture, arts, science, and more, these programs explore the captivating stories of women throughout the world.

Programs Available to Stream for Free on the PBS App

American Experience: The Codebreaker


Uncover the fascinating story of Elizebeth Smith Friedman, the groundbreaking cryptanalyst who worked to decode thousands of messages for the U.S. government during both World Wars.

American Experience: The Vote


Delve into the dramatic culmination story of the hard-fought campaign waged by American women for the right to vote. This transformative cultural and political movement resulted in the largest expansion of voting rights in U.S. history. The story continues in part 2.

KVIE Arts Showcase: Women Artists Around the World


Celebrate female artists from around the world and right here at home.

Rob at Home: Region Rising – Chief Kathy Lester


Meet Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester, the first woman to lead the force in the history of the department, and hear her personal story of inspiration and why she says being a mother helps her lead with a unique vision.

ViewFinder: Walking Into the Unknown – A History of Punjabi Women in California


Discover the untold story of South Asian Punjabi women and their contributions to California over the last century through dramatic eyewitness accounts and rare archival footage.

Programs Available to Stream on the PBS App with PBS KVIE Passport

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American Masters: Amy Tan – Unintended Memoir


Explore the story of Amy Tan, whose first novel, “The Joy Luck Club,” was published to great commercial and critical success. Tan established herself as one of the most prominent and respected American literary voices working today.

American Experience: Zora Neale Hurston – Claiming a Space


Meet the influential author whose anthropological work challenged assumptions about race, gender, and cultural superiority.

American Masters: Roberta Flack


Chronical the life of brilliant artist Roberta Flack, whose music gave voice to a global soundtrack of beauty and pain, love and anguish, and hope and struggle.

Not Done: Women Remaking America


Chart the last five years of the women’s movement and its re-energized, intersectional fight for equality. Activists, journalists, entertainers, athletes, and politicians report from the frontlines of the feminist tidal wave.

NOVA: Picture a Scientist


Women make up less than a quarter of STEM professionals in the United States, and numbers are even lower for women of color. See how a growing group of researchers is exposing longstanding discrimination and making science more inclusive.

Celebrate Women’s History Month