The 49th Annual Northern California Emmy® Award Nominations were announced on Wednesday, May 6, and we are excited to share that we have been nominated for 11 awards this year! We’re pleased to congratulate our PBS KVIE staff members and partners who have been nominated, and we wish them the best of luck at the awards gala. This year’s event will be held on June 6 via live-stream webcast. 

The segments and episodes nominated range from public affairs to history and cover local stories that illuminate the resilience and vibrancy of our region. We are proud to provide quality programs that educate, inspire, and inform our community. Thank you to our viewers, members, and supporters for making it possible to share these stories.  

Here are all of the nominations for PBS KVIE: 


— “Earning a 4-Year Degree at a Community College,” KVIE 6 Richard Launey, Lawrence Miles, Executive Producers; Christina Salerno, Producer

—“Rob on the Road: Nimbus Fish Hatchery,” KVIE 6 Toby Momtaz, Producer; Rob Stewart, Host


—“Yes! We’re Open: Episode 112,” KVIE 6 Tyler Bastine, Toby Momtaz, Producers; Stephen Sweeney, Narrator; Odin Abbott, Nathan Bindewald, Editors

Human Interest-Program/Special

—“The Sound of Giving,” KVIE 6 Lane Bloebaum, Producer

 Public/Current/Community Affairs-Feature/Segment

—“Paradise Schools: The Road to Recovery,” KVIE 6 Richard Launey, Lawrence Miles, Christina Salerno, Executive Producers

 Public/Current/Community Affairs-Program/Special

—“Searching for Hope – Homeless in Sacramento,” KVIE 6 David A. Lowe, Michael P. Sanford, Executive Producers; Joyce Mitchell, Producer; Alice Yu, Supervising Technical Producer; Toby Momtaz, Production Coordinator; Wayne Freedman, Narrator; Martin Christian, Director of Photography; Brian Baraga, Kenneth Day, Videographers; Odin Abbott, Ken Nicholson, Editors; Jamie Judd, Art Director


— “The Journey with Rob Stewart: Susan Savage,” KVIE 6 Rob Stewart, Executive Producer/Host; Alice Yu, Supervising Producer; Toby Momtaz, Production Coordinator; Martin Christian, Director of Photography


— “Waking Up to Wildfires,” KVIE 6 Jennifer Biddle, Producer; Paige Bierma, Filmmaker

 Promotion-Single Spot

— “Lady Jessie,” KVIE 6 James Eckes, Suzanne Eckes-Wahl, Beth Ruyak, Producers

 Talent-Program Host/Moderator/Reporter

— “The Journey with Rob Stewart,” KVIE 6 Rob Stewart, Host


— “Searching for Hope – Homeless in Sacramento,” KVIE 6 Joyce Mitchell, Writer

PBS KVIE Honored by 11 Northern California Emmy® Award Nominations