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Houston, TX: Viet-Cajun Crawfish & Beef Pho
S1 Ep101 | 26m 46s

Discover a true Houston original dish with Gulf and Vietnamese influences.

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NYC/Little Dominican Republic: Tres Golpes
S1 Ep102 | 26m 46s

Little Dominican Republic in Manhattan, NY, is alive with Dominican cuisine and culture.

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Rhode Island: Calamari
S1 Ep103 | 26m 46s

The story of the calamari industry is surprisingly rich in Rhode Island.

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Chicago, IL: BBQ
S1 Ep104 | 26m 46s

African American influence in Chicago is revealed, focusing on South Side BBQ.

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Brownsville, TX: Tacos
S1 Ep105 | 26m 46s

You’ll find some of the best tacos in the US across from the Rio Grande in Brownsville,TX.

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Barberton, OH: Serbian Fried Chicken
S1 Ep106 | 26m 46s

Discover the regional dish of Barberton fried chicken derived from Serbian immigrants.

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Detroit, MI: Collard Greens / Soul Food
S1 Ep107 | 26m 46s

Collard greens, a soul food staple, show how African Americans are shaping the Motor City.

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New Bedford, MA: Shrimp Mozambique
S1 Ep108 | 26m 46s

Portuguese immigrants wove their culture into New Bedford, MA, -- including their cuisine.

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Eastern Shore, VA: Oysters and Crabs
S1 Ep109 | 26m 46s

Discover Virginia’s Eastern Shore, a region known for clams, oysters and crabs.

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Southern Louisiana: Gumbo
S1 Ep110 | 26m 46s

With African roots, gumbo has evolved by drawing from a melting pot of influences.

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Phoenix, AZ: Frybread
S1 Ep111 | 26m 46s

Frybread is a dish with a complicated and controversial past.

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Oklahoma/Route 66: The Onion Fried Burger
S1 Ep112 | 26m 46s

The onion-fried burger, a beloved staple of El Reno, tells the story of the Route 66 town.

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Los Angeles: The Açai Bowl
S1 Ep113 | 26m 46s

Misha Collins travels into his own backyard to discover the açai bowl.

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