This October, we’re shining a spotlight on Native American stories and voices! Beginning with The American Buffalo, Ken Burns’ series documenting the unique relationship between the Indigenous peoples of the Great Plains and the American Buffalo, these four upcoming programs explore Native American stories, history, and culture from a variety of perspectives. Mark your calendar now!

The American Buffalo

New Series Premieres October 16 & 17 at 8PM; Each Episode Repeats at 10PM


Examine the dramatic story of how America’s national mammal, once numbering in the tens of millions and sustaining the Native people of the Great Plains for untold generations, was driven to the brink of extinction. For thousands of years, buffalo have evolved alongside Indigenous people who relied on them for food and shelter, and, in exchange for killing them, revered the animal. This 2-part series from Ken Burns documents the startling swiftness of the species’ near extinction in the late 19th century – and then how an unlikely collection of people rescued it from disappearing forever.

Little Bird

New Series Premieres October 21 at 10PM


In 1968, 5-year-old Bezhig Little Bird was forcibly removed from Long Pine Reserve, adopted into a Jewish family in Montreal, and renamed Esther Rosenblum. Eighteen years later, she discovers that she was one of the children forcibly apprehended by the Canadian government and embarks on an expedition to unravel her history. In this 6-part series inspired by true events, follow Bezhig as she begins to find her lost family and pieces together her fragmented past and self-identity.

Native America, Season 2

Premieres October 24 at 9PM


Discover the stories of Native Americans who are carrying forward Indigenous values in this groundbreaking portrait of contemporary Indian Country. Building on the first season’s success, season 2 reveals the beauty and power of today’s Indigenous communities. Smashing stereotypes, this 4-part Native-directed series follows the brilliant engineers, bold politicians, and cutting-edge artists who draw upon Native tradition to build a better 21st century. Each hour reveals a core tenet of Native heritage: the power of Indigenous design, how language and artistry fuel the soul, the diverse ways that Native women lead, and the resilience of the warrior spirit.

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Bring Her Home

October 24 at 10PM


Follow three Indigenous women as they fight to vindicate and honor their missing and murdered relatives who have fallen victim to a growing epidemic across Indian country. Despite the lasting effects from historical trauma, each woman must search for healing while navigating racist systems that brought about this very crisis of Indigenous womens’ disappearances and homicides. Lacing together the women’s stories, Bring Her Home illuminates how these individuals have brought attention to the crisis while also providing encouragement to their communities.

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