Your favorite inquisitive monkey has come to life and hit the road this summer with a mission to inspire. Curious George embarked on the Curious World Tour, a nationwide road trip spanning over 7,650 miles, stopping in nine cities including Sacramento.


At each stop, the Curious World Tour bus unfolds into six interactive, hands-on learning exhibits for kids designed to spark creativity, sharpen critical thinking, and engage in the community. Kids could choose to build a foam rocket ship, contribute to a mural, play an instrument, plant a tree, and of course, read.


In the shade of the California Capitol Building, even the fully-grown KVIE On-Air Fundraising and Events team had a blast drawing, getting temporary tattoos and enjoying some story time from KVIE’s own curious explorer, Rob on the Road.

fbliveWhat really shines about the Curious World Tour is its commitment to the community and teaching civic engagement.

Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt expects to donate more than 75,000 books to different community groups and plant over 20,000 trees.

On-Air Fundraising and Events Director Heath Buckmaster spoke with HMH Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Andrew Russell to learn a little more about the tour’s purpose.

Ethan, with KVIE's GM David Lowe and Curious George
Ethan, with KVIE’s General Manager David Lowe and Curious George

Serendipitously, the Make-a-Wish Foundation event #EthanCleansUp was also taking place in Capitol Park, celebrating Ethan, who happens to be a big Curious George fan!

Young or old, the Curious World Tour gave you something to learn, smile, and laugh about.

And above all taught one vital lesson: Stay curious.

Stay Curious – The Curious World Tour visits Sacramento