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Photo: Copyright Brit Floyd 2016

It starts with video projections of loosely connected images: Dali-esque animations of surreal environments, sweeping panoramas of the natural world, and vintage NASA footage. Then beams of multi-colored laser light blaze across the auditorium, the band takes the stage, and the first notes of an iconic Pink Floyd song are struck. For many in this enthusiastic audience, it feels just like 1973 again.

This is Brit Floyd: Space and Time Continuum World Tour which has dazzled fans across the globe, and returned to Sacramento in July. Dubbed the “World’s Greatest Pink Floyd Tribute Band,” this full-stage, psychedelic concert experience features note for note renditions of many familiar and fan-adoring hits from the Pink Floyd canon.

Earlier this year, we broadcast the band’s newest concert film, Brit Floyd: Space and Time, and offered KVIE donors tickets to see Brit Floyd live in Sacramento at the Community Center Theater. In thanks for their support of KVIE, donors received either general admission concert tickets, or upgraded to the VIP experience which included a visit to sound check and a meet and greet with the band. KVIE station reps Heath Buckmaster and Steve Sweeney from On-Air Fundraising and Events attended to greet donors and facilitate the VIP experience. What a treat to spend time with such dedicated Brit Floyd fans and KVIE enthusiasts – not to mention staying for the concert itself!

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Photo: Heath Buckmaster

Concert goers of all ages were seen donning t-shirts with band slogans and album concept art. The audience was a mix of returning fans, and in some cases, families who were sharing this Brit Floyd experience with their children for the first time.

Brit Floyd, according to tour manager Gary Brunclik, is the only Pink Floyd tribute band whose stage performance has received approval from surviving, original Pink Floyd members. Brunclik states, “This is the closest thing you’ll see to an actual Pink Floyd concert these days.”

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Photo: Copyright Brit Floyd 2016

The performance featured classic songs from seminal albums such as Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, and The Wall. Audience members cheered with delight, seemingly pleased with the resemblance to the original Pink Floyd studio recordings. Heads bobbed, feet stomped and hands clapped excitedly throughout the evening. Among the many fan highlights – an older gentleman stepped out into the aisle, and began playing air guitar passionately with his cane.

Each time Brit Floyd returns, their show manages to integrate new visual elements and a diverse set list, while maintaining the familiar excitement of which their performances are known. Whether it was the technical prowess of the musicians, the phenomenal background singers, or the visual components of the projections and light show, this Brit Floyd concert delivered what fans had hoped. Any die-hard Floyd fan would feel right at home with the performance – right at home, home again.

Brit Floyd – Live at the Community Center