One of the most exciting times of the year in Sacramento is the arrival of the California State Fair – a multi-week expo of deep fried food, larger-than-life stuffed animals, hilarious fun houses, livestock competitions, and so much more. To use the word extravaganza wouldn’t be inappropriate for the visual, auditory, and olfactory experience that is the fair.

IMG_20160710_113407Each year, near the end of the fair’s run, the On-Air Fundraising and Events team takes an afternoon to trek through the rows of corn dogs and county exhibits until we arrive at the expo building which houses our favorite thing: Art!

This year’s student and fine art displays were inspirational, thought provoking, and I’m pretty sure I heard it said that art is alive again in the middle and high school classrooms. Wow – the talent on display was breathtaking. We’ve got some young California Masters in our region who are showcasing their creativity for us all to see.

Children of all ages had works up in the student art buildings – and the colors were vivid, bright, and just put a smile on our faces. How can you look at those adorable dogs in suits and not grin from ear to ear?

Thank you to the art teachers in schools who are continuing to make creative expression an important part of growing up. You’re inspiring the next generation of our region’s great artists.


Older students works were more ambitious, ranging from sculpture and furniture, to high fashion and stunning contemporary pieces that make you wonder about the old souls that must be inhabiting young bodies. We weren’t exactly sure how one might fit into the paper fan dress, but it certainly was creative.

Fire on the Mountain by Debby Sprigg

Moving into the fine art space, which focuses on adult artists in our region, we were struck by a number of familiar names – including artists who will be featured in this year’s art auction.

There was beautiful art everywhere, and the building felt open, spacious, and yet at the same time filled to the brim with pieces to feast your eyes upon.

We saw pieces which are also featured in the auction like Debby Sprigg’s photograph of a glowing waterfall in Yosemite, and the foggy forest of Embrace by Larry Brenden.

It was evident that visitors to the fair were pleased with what they saw – also evident, the little red dots found on many pieces of art which would find their way to a new home after the fair ended.

Embrace by Larry Brenden

Overall the student and fine art on-display left us with a feeling of inspiration – that these up and coming artists and well established masters are showcasing the creativity of our region. Whether in full color or black and white, so many “fine examples of California’s Gold.” Huell Howser would have been so proud.

And speaking of fine art…mark your calendar for the 35th Annual KVIE Art Auction, broadcasting live on KVIE September 23-25. With over 250 beautiful works of regional art, you’re sure to find one that you’ll want to put a red dot on too.


Amazing Art at the 2016 California State Fair