KVIE board member Dr. Viva Ettin shares what she loves about KVIE in a bus banner
KVIE board member Dr. Viva Ettin shares what she loves about KVIE in a bus banner for #iamKVIE.

The goal was simple.  A grassroots, local brand campaign.  The results took us much higher – 30,000 feet in one case.

#iamKVIE is an effort to help tell the story of KVIE through the voices and images of our viewers, members, volunteers, staff, Board, underwriters, and community partners. We are sharing these stories on our airwaves, on social media, and throughout the community in print and even on buses.

Through personal stories of connection and shared values, it is our hope that the communities we serve will gain a better understanding of our mission, who we are as a local PBS station and most importantly, what we offer to the region.

With no lack of volunteer participants, we quickly had everyone from loyal members and long-time KVIE volunteers to our Board of Directors and community partners on TV and social media, sharing why they personally identify with all that KVIE represents.

Through the generosity of our media partners, the campaign spread to prominent regional magazines and even went “mobile” – via images on Sacramento Regional Transit (RT) buses.

We’ve seen #iamKVIE help community members make the connection between KVIE and their neighbors. As this tweet from @ZenFeline so elegantly expresses, #iamKVIE is about sharing who watches, no matter who they are.

iamKVIE tweet love bus ads

And #iamKVIE is soaring to new heights – KVIE Board Member, Dr. Viva Ettin, was recognized on a Southwest Airlines flight, as a result of being featured in the #iamKVIE campaign, giving her yet another reason to talk to someone about her personal commitment to KVIE and why it means so much to so many in our region.

Want to get involved?! Share what you love about KVIE on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and include #iamKVIE in your post so we’ll see it! Use the best social network there is and talk to your friends about your favorite KVIE shows. We make it our goal to share meaningful stories with our community every day, and #iamKVIE is one more way to make that happen.

#iamKVIE soars to new heights with Dr. Viva Ettin