Each month we have a variety of great programs, which can make it hard to decide what to watch! We’ve compiled a ranking of programs with number one being an absolute MUST watch. Get ready to mark your calendar or set your DVR!


1. Finding Your Roots, Season 10
Premieres Tuesday, 1/2 at 8PM

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. reveals shocking family secrets on the new season of Finding Your Roots. Delve into the personal history of some of your favorite celebrities, including Alanis Morissette, Ciara, Valerie Bertinelli, Brendan Fraser, Sacramento-raised LeVar Burton, Wes Studi, Sammy Hagar, Ed O’Neill, Bob Odenkirk, and Iliza Shlesinger.

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2. All Creatures Great and Small on Masterpiece, Season 4
Premieres Sunday, 1/7 at 9PM                    

It’s Spring 1940 and with Europe at war, the community in Darrowby is pulling together more than ever before. With Tristan away serving, Siegfried and James bring in extra hands to help around the practice, and happily married Helen and James think about their future despite the possibility that James could be called up to serve.

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3. Miss Scarlet and The Duke on Masterpiece, Season 4
Premieres Sunday, 1/7 at 8PM                                

Victorian London’s first female detective returns. Eliza has taken over the business at Nash & Sons and things are not going entirely smoothly, although help comes from some familiar sources. Outside of work, her relationship with William (The Duke) builds towards a looming decision that will shape both their lives.

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4. Funny Woman
Premieres Sunday, 1/7 at 10PM

It’s the height of the swinging 60s and Barbara Parker has just been crowned Miss Blackpool – but she’s certain there has to be more to life than being a beauty queen in a seaside town. With the bright lights of London calling, Barbara heads off to the city where she takes on the male-dominated world of comedy by storm.

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5. American Masters: HOPPER – An American Love Story
Premieres Tuesday, 1/2 at 9PM

Known for “Nighthawks” and other evocative paintings of American life, artist Edward Hopper has left a lasting impression on our culture. Meet the man behind the brush and see how his marriage to fellow artist Josephine Nivison Hopper shaped his art and career. Plus, discover the secrets behind some of the artist’s most iconic and enigmatic works.

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6. Nature: Big Little Journeys
Premieres Wednesday, 1/10 at 8PM

Small animals – even tiny ones – must sometimes make epic journeys to find a home or a mate. While the distances may not seem long to us, to these little creatures, the journey is monumental. Grasses appear like skyscrapers, mounds become mountains, and raindrops fall as big as cars. Meet six heroic, tiny travelers risking it all to complete big journeys against the odds.

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7. NOVA: When Whales Could Walk
Premieres Wednesday, 1/31 at 9PM

Not far from Cairo lies a parched valley where strange skulls jut out from the desert and gigantic jaws and teeth appear between jagged rocks. Here, paleontologists have unearthed a whole new species of whale – whales that had four legs and could walk on land. This landmark discovery could provide a missing link in the evolution of Earth’s largest animals.

8. Nature: Gorilla
Premieres Wednesday, 1/31 at 8PM

Get an intimate look at a silverback and his family in Gabon’s Loango National Park, home to a group of western lowland gorillas that have become accustomed to the biologists who have studied them for almost 20 years. In the African tropics’ last remaining wild coastline, meet a newborn gorilla, elephants, buffalos, and more.

9. Mary Berry’s Fantastic Feasts
Premieres Thursday, 1/4 at 9PM

Dame Mary Berry knows a thing or two about preparing a festive feast, and now she’s sharing her skills with novice cooks who want to throw spectacular surprises for their loved ones. Mary Berry and her two celebrity helpers prepare a selection of delicious and impressive dishes that wow families and friends at special parties.

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10. Paul Hollywood Goes to Hollywood
Premieres Thursday, 1/4 at 10PM

Combining his passions for baking, biking, and movies, celebrity chef Paul Hollywood embarks on a 3,000 mile road trip from New York to Los Angeles. His epic journey will take in culinary locations inspired by some of the most iconic films, and he’ll cook with some familiar faces along the way.


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