Driving down Freeport Boulevard in Sacramento, it’s easy to miss a shaded octagon-shaped building in a strip mall parking lot off of Potrero Way. This captivating establishment is home to Sacramento’s own Mahoroba Bakery, owned and operated by Japanese native Narusuke Monguchi. Mahoroba Bakery was selected out of thousands of bakeries across the nation to be featured on the PBS special –  A Few Great Bakeries.

We’re revisiting the show on-air this week, so we took a field trip to sample firsthand the sweet and savory pastries that have rapidly won over patrons since its grand opening in 2009 – and earned Mahoroba a place among A Few Great Bakeries.


Here’s what we tried:


Kobe Cream Delight: It’s Mahoroba’s #1 best-selling item and we can definitely see why. This bun seems plain and innocent on the outside, but once you sink your teeth in you discover an explosion of flavor. A sweet custard filling comes as a pleasant surprise and leaves you wanting more.

Sweet Cream Cheese: It looks like a standard dinner roll except that it’s topped with a few slivers of almond. It’s also packed with an impossibly smooth cream cheese filling. The Sweet Cream Cheese is reminiscent of a classic bagel, but softer, moderately sweeter, and much easier to eat.


Lemon & Cream Pie: The presentation of this one is what initially drew us in. It’s as unusual as the building in which it is made and we love it. The Lemon & Cream Pie is all flaky and gooey deliciousness. If you have a fierce sweet tooth, give this a try.

Cinnamon & Cream Danish: Our final sample was similar to a cinnamon roll but not as overwhelming as its American counterpart. Although less intense, it is still jammed with unmistakable cinnamon flavor and its creamy center is a delightful bonus.

Kobe Cream Delight (left), Lemon & Cream Pie (top), Sweet Cream Cheese (right), Cinnamon & Cream Danish (bottom)
Kobe Cream Delight (left), Lemon & Cream Pie (top), Sweet Cream Cheese (right), Cinnamon & Cream Danish (bottom)

Final verdict? Mahoroba is definitely a great bakery. Catch Sacramento’s Mahoroba Bakery on A Few Great Bakeries again Friday, September 9 at 10PM, or online any time at kvie.org/video.


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