Mother-daughter team Jenni Quadros and Susie Medhurst started Beary Huggables as a tribute to a relative who passed, and their tribute quickly became a business that we featured on a recent episode of Yes! We’re Open.

“Pop Pop” was Jenni’s husband’s grandfather and he had seven great-grandchildren. After Pop Pop passed away, they collected some of his shirts and made each of the great-grandchildren a bear to celebrate him. Word eventually spread among Jenni and Susie’s friends about how they honored Pop Pop, and soon they had friends requesting to have some bears made for their loved ones as well. Jenni and Susie decided to turn their hobby into a business in 2014.

They also make bears and pillows to celebrate birthdays, weddings, baby showers, sports teams, and many more life experiences. A majority of the bears they hand-make are called “memory bears,” made to remember the passing of a loved one – a huggable memory. The memory bears are made using personal materials such as a shirt or dress the person used to wear.

Each bear is hand-made from scratch, and the mother and daughter work from their homes in Lincoln.  Folks can purchase their products directly through their website,

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Beary Huggables uses teddies to preserve memories