Luna and Sophie Image

Day X
S3 Ep1 | 44m 13s

Raik Klimas was a prepper, getting his family ready for the end of the world on Day X.

Luna and Sophie Image

Death on the Havel
S3 Ep2 | 44m 3s

A man is found dead in the water and the prime suspect is his brother.

Luna and Sophie Image

Taxi Driver
S3 Ep3 | 44m 12s

A taxi driver is called to a remote location for a pick-up and confronted by an armed man.

Luna and Sophie Image

Girl Without a Name
S3 Ep4 | 44m 13s

When an unidentified girl walks into a student rave and dies.

Luna and Sophie Image

S3 Ep5 | 43m 42s

Werner calls Luna late in the night to tell her about a body in a hotel room.

Luna and Sophie Image

Deadly Formula
S3 Ep6 | 43m 13s

Gisela Luger – a nutrition researcher – is found dead on the terrace of her villa.

Luna and Sophie Image

Death Flight
S3 Ep7 | 43m 19s

A light aircraft crashes at a small local airfield.

Luna and Sophie Image

A Mother's Love
S3 Ep8 | 43m 2s

An ambitious mother is found dead at a climbing center.

Luna and Sophie Image

It's Your Fault
S3 Ep9 | 43m 50s

A traffic warden is found dead and suspicion lands on the last person ticketed.

Luna and Sophie Image

S3 Ep10 | 43m 50s

The son of a pharmacist is shot during what looks like a random break-in.

Luna and Sophie Image

False Shame
S3 Ep11 | 43m 43s

Found dead on a remote country road, Andreas looks like the victim of robbery gone wrong.

Luna and Sophie Image

Hatred Is my Hobby
S3 Ep12 | 43m 34s

A young climate activist is murdered.

Luna and Sophie Image

Kisses in St. Tropez
S3 Ep13 | 43m 46s

A famous writer is found dead in an elevator, only moments after he was attacked.

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