Luna and Sophie Image

When Darkness Falls
S4 Ep1 | 43m 43s

A woman is killed. Luna thinks the victim’s daughter and her husband are hiding something.

Luna and Sophie Image

Rich Kids
S4 Ep2 | 43m 46s

What seems like a hit-and-run by a group of privileged teenagers might be more complex.

Luna and Sophie Image

For Your Protection
S4 Ep3 | 43m 43s

An alternative medicine practitioner is found dead. But finding the killer won’t be easy.

Luna and Sophie Image

A Bittersweet Death
S4 Ep4 | 43m 31s

At Konditorei AG, two employees recently died by suicide and now another is missing.

Luna and Sophie Image

Home Time
S4 Ep5 | 43m 57s

A local barber is shot in the head. The only witness is a man who can’t speak.

Luna and Sophie Image

Fallen from the Sky
S4 Ep6 | 43m 55s

The skeleton of a young girl who went missing 15 years ago is found in a forest canopy.

Luna and Sophie Image

The Candidate
S4 Ep7 | 43m 56s

A political advisor for a mayoral candidate is found dead. Were the two having an affair?

Luna and Sophie Image

I Know Who You Are
S4 Ep8 | 44m 11s

A man is found dead in his bathtub. The police discover a story going back to the GDR.

Luna and Sophie Image

Oda’s Secret
S4 Ep9 | 43m 35s

14-year-old Julian is found trembling in his living room surrounded by blood.

Luna and Sophie Image

Old Friends
S4 Ep10 | 43m 47s

A friend of Tamara’s is shot. Is his death related to his role as an undercover detective?

Luna and Sophie Image

Let Live
S4 Ep11 | 43m 40s

A university researcher studying DNA editing is killed by a kitchen knife to the heart.

Luna and Sophie Image

Murder in G-Minor
S4 Ep12 | 43m 37s

A vicar has been killed. Luna and Tamara try to solve the mystery on-site.

Luna and Sophie Image

Smoke on the Water
S4 Ep13 | 44m 5s

Two thieves on a jet-ski have been robbing boats at gunpoint. But are they murderers?

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