Oman - Desert Fortress

Visit the remote and impenetrable Dhofar Mountains in Oman, where Steve Backshall hopes to become the first to climb unexplored cliffs. Along the way, he encounters one of the rarest animals on Earth.

Head into the unknown with naturalist Steve Backshall as he journeys to the world’s last unexplored places and faces challenges around the globe, encountering extraordinary wildlife and meeting remarkable people along the way.

Expedition Episodes

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Oman - Desert Fortress

S1 Ep10 | 50m 28s

Visit Oman’s Dhofar Mountains, where Steve Backshall encounters one of the rarest animals.

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Suriname - Ghost River

S1 Ep9 | 49m 29s

Ride along as Steve Backshall kayaks a Surinamese river so remote, it doesn’t have a name.

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Greenland - Ice Mountain

S1 Ep8 | 47m 44s

Climb alongside Steve Backshall as he attempts to summit an unclimbed Greenland mountain.

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Mexico - Maya Underworld

S1 Ep7 | 49m 22s

Return to Mexico with Steve Backshall as he discovers Mayan secrets in subterranean caves.

Expedition Extras

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How Expedition Did the Big Wall Haul | Digital Extra

3m 41s

The team deals with hauling hundreds of pieces of equipment up a mountain.

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Wildlife at Cliff Camp

S1 Ep10 | 2m 58s

Steve takes the opportunity to explore the cliff camp.

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Steve’s Three-Day Climb

S1 Ep10 | 2m 49s

Steve joins Hazel and John as they inspect their climb, which will take three days.

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Dhofar Mountains

S1 Ep10 | 3m 52s

The deserts of southern Oman are home to one of the most elusive big cats on Earth.

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