June is Pride Month and we are excited to celebrate and recognize the LGBTQIA+ community not only this month, but all year long. Discover programs that highlight the groundbreaking history, achievements, and triumphs of the LGBTQIA+ community that are airing on PBS KVIE, available to stream for free on the PBS app, or available to stream with PBS KVIE Passport.

Programs Airing on PBS KVIE

ViewFinder: Struggle and Success – Sacramento’s LGBTQ+ Communities Then and Now
June 12 at 7PM


Explore the historical and ongoing struggle for equality and dignity in Sacramento’s LGBTQ+ communities through regional perspectives and events. Meet local trailblazers and discover the historic events that led to the creation of Sacramento’s LGBT Community Center.

Chicago Stories: The Outrage of Danny Sotomayor
June 16 at 11PM                                             


Danny Sotomayor was a man on a mission to address injustice. The fiery, openly gay AIDS activist, political cartoonist, and organizer took to the streets of Chicago, using civil disobedience to wage war on city officials who marginalized the LGBTQ+ community and turned a blind eye to the AIDS crisis – all while fighting a losing battle with the disease himself.

Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution
June 18, 25, and July 2 at 9PM                                            


Explore the origin of a global music phenomenon born among gay and black communities coming together in apartments and basement bars in 1970s New York, where dancefloors became a platform in their battle for visibility and inclusion.

The Lodge
June 23 at 11PM


Get an inside look at Fountaingrove Lodge in Santa Rosa, California, the nation’s first state-licensed continuing care retirement community (CCRC) that’s specifically for LGBTQ+ seniors and their allies. The Lodge looks inside this unique experiment in gay/straight living to show us the daily lives, hopes, and fears of people in their 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Rob on the Road: Region Rising – David Heitstuman
June 24 at 7:30PM

Meet David Heitstuman, the passionate advocate at the heart of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center, dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space for all.

ViewFinder: My Body to Love
June 26 at 7PM

Discover the personal experiences of four young Californians as they explore their personal identities, relationships, and challenges around safety and sexuality. The program offers valuable perspectives and insights for adults seeking to support teenagers in developing safe and healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Programs Available to Stream on the PBS App

American Experience: Stonewall Uprising


In the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar in the Greenwich Village section of New York City. That night the street erupted into violent protests and street demonstrations that lasted for the next three days. The Stonewall riots marked a major turning point in the modern gay civil rights movement in the United States and around the world.

Queer Genius


Explore the remarkable lives and work of five queer artists — Barbara Hammer, Eileen Myles, Black Quantum Futurism, Moor Mother, and Dynasty Handbag/Jibz Cameron — and uncover intimate portraits of these notoriously radical artists.

Studio Sacramento: Transgender in America


Issues related to the transgender community are among the most contested areas in political debate in America today. Alexis Sanchez of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center joins host Scott Syphax for a conversation about her journey as a transgender person and an activist for the LGBTQ+ community.

Unidad: Gay and Lesbian Latinos Unidos


Chronicle the founding of Gay and Lesbian Latinos Unidos (GLLU), the Los Angeles area’s first major Queer Latin@ organization, in 1981, only a few years before HIV/AIDS began to ravage LGBTQ+ communities. Discover the important role GLLU played in a pivotal time in the history of LGBTQ+ equality, women’s rights, and civil rights movements that shaped the destinies of GLLU’s communities.

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America Reframed: Jack and Yaya


Follow two friends for a year, and explore their unique, 30-year relationship. From a young age, Yaya and Jack saw each other as they truly were, a girl and a boy, even though most of the world didn’t see them that way. As they grew older, they supported each other as they both came out as transgender.

Independent Lens: No Straight Lines


When Alison Bechdel received a coveted MacArthur Award for her best-selling graphic memoir Fun Home, it heralded the acceptance of LGBTQ+ comics in American culture. From DIY underground comix scene to mainstream acceptance, meet five smart and funny queer comics artists whose uncensored commentary left no topic untouched and explored art as a tool for social change.

Pacific Heartbeat: The Healer Stones of Kapaemahu

On Honolulu’s famous Waikiki Beach stand four large stones that represent a Hawaiian tradition of healing and gender diversity that is all but unknown to the millions of locals and tourists passing by. According to legend, the stones are a tribute to four mahu, people of dual male and female spirit, who brought the healing arts from Tahiti to Hawaii and used their spiritual power to cure disease.

We’ll Meet Again: Coming Out


Join host Ann Curry as those whose lives were changed by the early days of the gay rights movement reunite. Tom wants to find the childhood friend who urged him to come out, while Paul seeks a fellow student who inspired him to stand up for his beliefs.

Celebrate Pride Month 2024: What to Watch & Stream