PBS KIDS Channel

KVIE is launching a brand new channel on January 16, 2017, featuring exclusively PBS KIDS programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The exciting new channel will provide all children with access to a television the opportunity to view quality and educational programming around the clock. Here are five ways the new KVIE PBS KIDS channel works to promote youth education and provide valuable media experiences for the whole family!

1. The channel allows children to watch their favorite educational programs anytime!
Kids can now watch shows like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Sesame Street, Splash and Bubbles, and more during after school and primetime hours – the hours when children watch the most TV. Parents and caretakers can rest easy knowing children have access to quality television when school is not in session.

2. No TV, no problem: live stream the programmed channel through PBSKids.org and on the PBS KIDS Video app.
Stream KVIE PBS KIDS live online and on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, and mobile devices anytime and anywhere. The professionally programmed channel will keep kids engaged and learning. Learn more about PBS KIDS apps here, or download the free PBS KIDS Video app.

3. Interactive digital tools keep creative young minds stimulated!
Live stream capabilities allow your child to switch between shows and interactive games that promote education. In addition, these digital tools encourage parental interaction – making family time more entertaining than ever!

4. PBS KIDS programs boost test scores and emotional intelligence.
Children can now watch and stream quality television that enhances reading and STEM skills anytime and anywhere. The American Academy of Pediatrics has just released new guidelines for children’s media use and mentions PBS by name as a provider of high-quality content that can positively impact children’s learning. Parents value PBS KIDS programming for its educational and positive content, and the 24-hour channel will provide valuable access to constructive children’s programming for families at any time.

5. The KVIE PBS KIDS channel provides greater access to education programming for low-income households.
All-day access to PBS KIDS programming on public television narrows the knowledge gap between children of differing socioeconomic status – ensuring educational and quality television even without consistent internet connection.

The new KVIE PBS KIDS channel provides greater opportunities for education and quality entertainment for all children with programs that work to break the mold of substandard television. You can find KVIE PBS KIDS on channel 6.4, or visit kvie.org/schedule to look up channel designations for your cable provider.

New from KVIE: 24/7 PBS KIDS channel makes education easy!