It’s jury week for the 36th annual KVIE Art Auction. This week we welcomed our six jurors, each a master in their own right, as they reviewed the collection and determined the awards. The Juror Award winners will be announced on August 1 (stay tuned!), and we’ll announce First Place and Best of Show at the Art Auction Preview Gala on October 2, just before the KVIE Art Auction begins on October 6.

Click here to learn more about our judges:

  • Micah Crandall-Bear (Contemporary Classics)
  • Boyd Gavin (Figurative)
  • David Sobon (Landscapes)
  • Miles Hermann (Still Life)
  • Patrick O’Kane (Photography)
  • Dr. Lee Kavaljian (Sculpture)

Take a sneak peek at the wonderful works of art below. The entire collection will be available online on September 1.

Miles HermannMiles Hermann examines a portion of the entries in Still Life.

Micah Crandall-BearMicah Crandall-Bear considers one of the many pieces in Contemporary Classics.

David SobonDavid Sobon gets up close and personal with a Landscape piece.

Dr. Lee KavaljianDr. Lee Kavaljian studies the details of this year’s Sculptures.

And special thanks to our curator, D Neath, and our KVIE volunteers who made it all possible!
Jennifer, Kip, Bobbie, and AnnetteFeatured above: Jennifer, Kip, Bobbie, and Annette.

Jury week for the KVIE Art Auction