Dänna Wilberg reflects on her KVIE VIP concert experience with Johnny Mathis:

From the moment Johnny Mathis walked on stage, until the last note was sung, the audience at Sacramento’s Community Center Theater remained enchanted by his stellar performance. At 82 years old, Mathis still makes the ladies swoon with his classy good looks and distinctive, velvety voice.

The multi Grammy Hall of Fame inductee received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in 2003, and was inducted into the Great American Songbook Hall of Fame on June 21, 2014. Mathis’ singing and story-telling supersedes many others, making him the third highest selling recording artist in the 20th century.

Danna Johnny

Those familiar with Mathis’s repertoire waited with baited breath for their favorite tune. From “Chances Are,” to “Wonderful, Wonderful,” “The Twelve of Never,” “Gina,” and “Misty,” the legendary singer continued to delight the crowd, stirring precious memories with ballads sung during his 60-year career.  Among these fans were KVIE supporters who had viewed the Johnny Mathis: Wonderful, Wonderful! concert on TV, but wanted to experience more. Their excitement was contagious.

Mathis shared his love for golf, memorable visits with friends, and expounded on his long-time working relationship with the late Henry Mancini. He sang personal favorites written by Mancini, followed by an intimate performance with guitarist Gil Reigers. “Ninety-nine Miles From L.A.” earned a well-deserved ovation, along with the Brazilian hit, “Mas Que Nada”. Shoulders shook, feet tapped, and smiles filled the room as Johnny launched into his finale. When the show ended, people rose to their feet clamoring for more. Johnny graciously sang one last song to fill their hearts and send them on their way.


Afterwards, KVIE’s VIP pass holders were escorted backstage for another incredible and memorable experience, a meet and greet with the legend himself. As the group lined up, Johnny came bouncing out of the Green Room’s double doors into the reception area as if the night had just begun. His energy and love for his fans never waned. Each person had the opportunity to say “hello” and get their photo taken with Johnny, making for a surreal ending to a perfect night.

Dänna Wilberg
KVIE supporter and volunteer

Guest post: Dänna Wilberg on her KVIE VIP experience with Johnny Mathis