Doc Martin

Bittersweet news for Doc Martin fans: The curmudgeonly and socially awkward doctor we love will return for not one, but two new seasons, but the ninth season will be the last. Star Martin Clunes reports they’ll begin filming the second-to-last season in autumn 2017. The eighth season is set to premiere in 2018 with the ninth to follow two years later, and then we’ll have to say farewell to Portwenn, the doc, and his friends.

When we were last in Portwenn, the doc was trying to mend a rocky relationship with his wife Louisa. Couple’s therapy with a tenacious shrink seemed to help them make strides, but an old flame from Louisa’s past hindered their progress. When the therapist suggested the two were destined for romantic demise, Louisa threw caution to the wind and tried to track down Martin, who was imprisoned by a crazed and desperate woman seeking medical attention for her ailing spouse. The doc managed to talk his way out of harm (and save the patient!), but what does it mean for him, Louisa, and baby James? And what about the other Portwenn residents – can Burt find love? Will PC Penhale leave Portwenn?

No word yet on what’s next for the doctor and his friends, but we’re expecting big laughs and dramatic intrigue as we impatiently await the concluding two seasons. We’re sad the series must eventually come to its end, but relieved there is still time before we say goodbye to Portwenn’s residents and good doctor.

Stay tuned to KVIE for more information about the return of Doc Martin! And if you can’t wait, rewatch the series with us Saturday nights at 10PM.

Curtain call for Doc Martin – but first, two new seasons