We’re reliving all of Downton Abbey on MASTERPIECE Classic beginning Saturday, July 9 at 9PM. Looking back at the first season reminds us just how far the Crawleys came in six seasons, from the start in 1912 to the last farewell in 1925. Here’s five things we’ve missed about the great house in the first season.

Lady Sybil Crawley

1. Lady Sybil Crawley
The youngest Crawley daughter may live on through her daughter, but her spirited look at the world helped Gwen to get a job and brought politics back to the Abbey – no matter how badly the elder Crawleys would like the unpleasantness to stay out!



2. The blossoming love between Bates and Anna
They faced so many trials over the six seasons of Downton Abbey, but always held firm in their devotion to each other. It’s remarkable to see Anna’s quiet but constant support for Bates, with the two holding their breath, blushing, and taking the first steps toward the relationship we’ve all grown to love.


Thomas and O'Brien

3. Thomas and O’Brien scheming
They’re ambitious and only look after themselves – and each other. But Thomas the footman and O’Brien the lady’s maid know who they are and are keen to protect each other, plotting while they smoke in the yard. They’re the duo that’s delightful to hate, and though their friendship may be based on sabotaging the other servants, but they do deeply care about each other.


Victorian fashion_resized

4. Victorian fashions
Large, feathery hats, high lace necks, wide collars, sleek embroidered coats, and large skirts make their presence known in the first season. Sybil’s harem pants outfit is even more daring in the context of the modest necklines and sleeves. One thing we didn’t miss? The tyrannical corset!


What is a weekend?

5. “What is a weekend?”
When Matthew first arrives at Downton Abbey, he and his cousins both experience quite a culture shock. The family can’t understand why a lord would want to work at a law firm; Matthew can’t understand why a grown man would want a valet’s assistance getting to get dressed. The more time they spend together, the more differences they find – but they find happy similarities too.

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5 Things We’ve Missed About Season 1 of Downton Abbey