The West Image

The People
S1996 Ep1 | 1h 22m 20s

The West begins as the whole world to the people who live there. It becomes a New World.

The West Image

Empire Upon the Trails
S1996 Ep2 | 1h 24m 31s

Americans head west along many pathways.

The West Image

Speck of the Future
S1996 Ep3 | 1h 24m 49s

The Gold Rush brings the whole world to the West.

The West Image

Death Runs Riot
S1996 Ep4 | 1h 24m 47s

Civil war comes early to the West.

The West Image

The Grandest Enterprise Under God
S1996 Ep5 | 1h 24m 33s

A triumph of the human spirit, the transcontinental railroad opens a new era in the West.

The West Image

Fight No More Forever
S1996 Ep6 | 1h 25m 6s

The federal government tightens its grip on the West.

The West Image

The Geography of Hope
S1996 Ep7 | 1h 24m 53s

Newcomers arrive by the millions, bringing a spirit of conformity to the West.

The West Image

Ghost Dance
S1996 Ep8 | 58m 38s

As settlers race to claim tribal lands, Native Americans take up the Ghost Dance.

The West Image

One Sky Above Us
S1996 Ep9 | 1h 2m 58s

As the 20th century neared, Americans celebrated with the World Columbian Exposition.

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