Lidia's Kitchen Image

Can't Go Wrong
S10 Ep1015 | 26m 46s

You can’t go wrong with Lidia’s Pan Pizza, Skillet Lasagna, and Chicken Eggplant Parmesan.

Lidia's Kitchen Image

A Warm Welcome
S10 Ep1016 | 26m 46s

Lidia warmly welcomes us to her table with a seasonal Artichoke Salad & Mini-Meat Loaves.

Lidia's Kitchen Image

Never Enough Pasta
S10 Ep1017 | 26m 46s

Try Lidia’s Raw Tomato Sauce Rigatoni & Pesto Cavatappi. There’s never enough pasta!

Lidia's Kitchen Image

Tiny Kitchen, Big Flavor
S10 Ep1018 | 26m 46s

Cook the Lidia way with her easy Mushroom Ragu & Gratinate of Pork, Eggplant & Zucchini.

Lidia's Kitchen Image

Switch up the Spice
S10 Ep1019 | 26m 46s

Spice things up with Halibut Saffron Fregola & Ginger Wine Poached Pears with Cake!

Lidia's Kitchen Image

Colorful Inspiration
S10 Ep1020 | 26m 46s

Let color inspire you with Lidia’s Yellow Tomato Pesto Spaghetti & Shrimp Squash Salad.

Lidia's Kitchen Image

The Fish Market
S10 Ep1021 | 26m 46s

Celebrate the fish market with Shrimp Crostini, Crispy Baked Cod & Monkfish Brodetto.

Lidia's Kitchen Image

A Fruitful Meal
S10 Ep1022 | 26m 46s

It’s a fruitful meal with Lidia’s colorful Shrimp & Melon Salad and Grape Ricotta Pizza.

Lidia's Kitchen Image

Update the Classics
S10 Ep1023 | 26m 46s

Lidia puts a spin on these classic Italian dishes: Panzanella, Parmigiana, and Puttanesca.

Lidia's Kitchen Image

Make it Zucchini
S10 Ep1024 | 26m 46s

When zucchini is in season make Zucchini…Risotto, Roll-Ups, and Bread Lasagna.

Lidia's Kitchen Image

An Italian Cookout
S10 Ep1026 | 26m 46s

A cookout the Lidia way - "Antipasto" Rice Salad, Giardiniera & Mozzarella Cheeseburgers.

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