Jekyll and Hyde Image

The Harbinger
S1 Ep1 | 46m 30s

The grandson of the infamous Dr. Jekyll returns to 1930s London from Ceylon.

Jekyll and Hyde Image

Mr. Hyde
S1 Ep2 | 46m 7s

Robert looks for answers at his grandfather's house, leading to an unexpected encounter.

Jekyll and Hyde Image

The Cutter
S1 Ep3 | 44m 15s

Captain Dance arrives in London. Robert takes potions found in his grandfather's lab.

Jekyll and Hyde Image

The Calyx
S1 Ep4 | 46m 17s

Garson makes a discovery that could save Maggie's life. Dance sets his trap for Robert.

Jekyll and Hyde Image

Black Dog
S1 Ep5 | 45m 32s

Robert visits distant family and decides to use his powers to expose the family's secret.

Jekyll and Hyde Image

Spring-Heeled Jack
S1 Ep6 | 46m 11s

Tormented by recent tragedies, Robert loses control of his transformations.

Jekyll and Hyde Image

The Reaper
S1 Ep7 | 45m 13s

Robert and Ravi go in search of Spring-Heeled Jack. The Reaper takes control of Ravi.

Jekyll and Hyde Image

S1 Ep8 | 45m 53s

Robert tracks down the monster that is killing wealthy young men and gets stunning news.

Jekyll and Hyde Image

The Incubus
S1 Ep9 | 45m 7s

Ravi is uneasy as the corpse of Renata's dead husband has been inhabited by an incubus.

Jekyll and Hyde Image

The Heart of Lord Trash
S1 Ep10 | 46m 5s

Tenebrae attacks HQ before arriving at Robert's house for a final, deadly showdown.

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