Civilizations Image

The Second Moment of Creation
S1 Ep1 | 53m

Examine the formative role of art and the creative imagination in the forging of humanity.

Civilizations Image

How Do We Look?
S1 Ep2 | 53m 20s

Explore how we look at the human body in art.

Civilizations Image

God and Art
S1 Ep3 | 53m 20s

Consider how religion has inspired art and art has inspired divine representation.

Civilizations Image

S1 Ep4 | 53m 30s

See how art became the great interface when distant cultures met for the first time.

Civilizations Image

S1 Ep5 | 53m 20s

Travel east and west— to Renaissance Italy and the contemporaneous Islamic empires.

Civilizations Image

Paradise on Earth
S1 Ep6 | 53m

Explore one of humanity’s deepest artistic urges: the depiction of nature.

Civilizations Image

Color and Light
S1 Ep7 | 52m 44s

Explore light and color in art in the search for greater realism and spiritual ecstasy.

Civilizations Image

The Cult of Progress
S1 Ep8 | 53m 18s

Examine the rise and fall of “progress” as an ideology.

Civilizations Image

What Is Art Good For?
S1 Ep9 | 52m 50s

Explore art in the age of revolution, war and profound scientific change.

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