The Civil War Image

1861: “The Cause”
S1 Ep1 | 1h 40m 58s

Find out what caused the war, examining slavery and questions of union and states’ rights.

The Civil War Image

1862: “A Very Bloody Affair”/”Forever Free”
S1 Ep2 | 2h 21m 25s

Lincoln’s war to preserve the Union transforms to a war to emancipate the slaves.

The Civil War Image

1863: “Simply Murder”/”The Universe of Battle”
S1 Ep3 | 2h 34m 49s

Follow the Battle of Gettysburg, draft riots, and the first African-American troops.

The Civil War Image

1864: “Valley of the Shadow of Death”/”Most Hallowed Ground”
S1 Ep4 | 2h 18m 35s

While causalities mount, Lincoln’s re-election chances dim.

The Civil War Image

1865: “War Is All Hell”/”The Better Angels of Our Nature”
S1 Ep5 | 2h 14m 38s

Richmond falls to Grant's army, Lee surrenders, Lincoln is assassinated, and the war ends.

The Civil War Image

Making The Civil War: 25 Years Later
28m 19s

Ken Burns, Ric Burns, Buddy Squires, and Allen Moore discuss the making of The Civil War.

The Civil War Image

Restoring The Civil War
13m 57s

Learn how The Civil War series has been completely restored to Ultra HD – 4K resolution.

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