Doc Martin fans rejoice – the latest season of the popular British comedy will finally be available on KVIE in January 2019.

We last saw the curmudgeonly Dr. Martin Ellingham struggling to mend a rocky relationship with his wife Louisa. But second-rate couple’s therapy, old flames, and miscommunication thwarted several attempts to rekindle their romance. In season eight, we’ll pick up where the pair left off and follow the ups and downs of other Portwenn residents. PC Penhale is excited to begin his new married life with Janice, Bert struggles to make his whiskey business successful, and Martin’s receptionist, Morwenna, receives some devastating news when her parents unexpectedly arrive in Portwenn.

Doc Martin

Season eight will  be the penultimate outing for the series, with the comedy’s still-to-be-aired ninth season serving as its conclusion. Its premiere on American public television was delayed when the rights were not made available to purchase. Now, the eighth season will be available for stations – including KVIE – to purchase in January.

Stay tuned to KVIE for more information about the return of Doc Martin! Until then, keep watching the series Thursday nights at 9PM.

KVIE to get new season of Doc Martin in January!