The Wings of Angels

The same scientists who revealed why our minds are so easy to hack have also made perhaps the most important discovery of the 21st century: how each us can make our own lives and those of our family, friends, and entire society work better.

Premier on September 9

Follow host, Jacob Ward, (The TODAY Show), from the farthest corners of the globe to the inside of your mind as he sets out to discover we are not who we think we are. We imagine our conscious minds make most decisions, but in reality we go through much of our lives on “auto-pilot”. And marketers and social media companies rely on it. Hacking Your Mind offers you an auto-pilot owner’s manual.

Hacking Your Mind Episodes

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The Wings of Angels

S2020 Ep104 | 55m 55s

Hacking Your Mind for the good of society.

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Us vs. Them

S2020 Ep103 | 55m 55s

Our autopilot biases against “them” are tearing our country apart — but there is a fix.

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Weapons of Influence

S2020 Ep102 | 55m 56s

Marketers and politicians hack into your autopilot system — learn how to fight back.

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Living on Autopilot

S2020 Ep101 | 55m 57s

Did you know you go through most of your life on autopilot with no owner's manual?

Hacking Your Mind Extras

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How Can You Save the Planet?

1m 47s

Discover a revolutionary new way to change how we treat the environment.

Hacking Your Mind Image

What New Discoveries Are Being Made In Behavioral Science?

4m 23s

Discover how people you’ve never met influence your behavior and how you influence theirs.

Hacking Your Mind Image

How Do Governments Hack Your Mind?

4m 30s

A stunning Chinese government technique to get social media users to police their friends.

Hacking Your Mind Image

How Can Police Overcome Their Biases?

2m 29s

See cops convince other cops that they really are biased.

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