Singer-songwriter and performer Giada Valenti graced the stage of the Crest Theatre for the first time on October 6 for an evening of songs and stories. The Venice-born vocalist and her band performed a diverse set list including material from the great American songbook, familiar hits of the 1960s and ’70s, and classics from her homeland sung in Italian. Her consistent message: Love is what inspires us and keeps us all together. “Love is like a rollercoaster… there is always something exciting no matter what age you are,” Giada states.


The concert highlighted many of the songs performed during Giada’s recently released concert program, From Venice with Love, which aired on KVIE throughout the spring and summer. From tender ballads such as “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” to a funky, dance-encouraged version of The Doors’ hit, “Light My Fire”, Giada carried the audience through a lively emotional rollercoaster of her own. Audience members didn’t hesitate to dance in the aisles, sing along when prompted, and shout phrases in Italian to her in appreciation of the performance. Interlaced with the songs, Giada shared stories of her musical inspirations throughout her life growing up in Italy. Most notably, she talked about how her grandmother served as a key support to follow her dream of being a performer. “She told me that I must follow my passion, sing to people, to an audience – like you, here in Sacramento!”


Following this intimate performance, many KVIE concert-goers enjoyed a post-show VIP experience with Giada, which included photos, autographs and opportunities for conversation with her and band members. “I felt like she was performing right in my living room,” said a KVIE donor, “and I hope we can have her back again next year.”



Giada Valenti – From Venice to Sacramento