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Dr. Elena Siegel’s career path took a number of unexpected turns. She was a CPA focused on business and finance. However, watching her mother-in-law’s final days in a nursing home inspired her to embrace a new field of research. Now, Dr. Siegel is helping improve the nursing home industry by finding ways for managers to better support employees and thereby improve care for seniors.

Curiosity Project

Every great discovery begins with a healthy dose of curiosity. Where does that first inquisitive spark come from, and how does it lead to exploration, discovery, and action? KVIE is partnering with UC Davis to find out. We’re profiling professors, scientists, researchers, and others at UC Davis to examine the curious spirit that led each of them to great breakthroughs or achievements in science, technology, health, and beyond. We’ll explore how the intersection of multiple viewpoints can create new ways of thinking, whether it’s a confluence of science and art, animal and human health, or something else entirely. We call it the Curiosity Project, and we’ll be sharing the fascinating stories of these people both online and on KVIE!

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KVIE Digital Studios - Curiosity Project - Mark Winey

Mark Winey

UC Davis Dean Mark Winey shares his inspiration in becoming a scientist.

Prof Geerat Vermeij sits at his desk, examining a seashell with his hands

Geerat Vermeij

Professor Geerat Vermeij hopes to inspire others to observe, discover, and understand.

Raquel Aldana

Raquel Aldana

Raquel Aldana never allowed her life's challenges to deter her passion for leadership.

A face in dark light, illuminated by five LED lights around the subject's right eye

Katia Vega

Professor Katia Vega explores how we can make our bodies interactive platforms.

Four teenagers look into a van with the words "Beta Lab" printed on the side

Beta Lab

Professor Lee Martin has always been curious about how people learn.

Curiosity Project