Congratulations to this year's winners!

Celebrate the award-winning artwork carefully selected by the Awards Jurors and Art Curator.

Award Winners - Contemporary

Awards Juror - Barry Sakata

1C  Alone

Naomi Bautista
Oil on Canvas, 16x20
Retail value: $750

46D  Sunlit Path

Varya McMillan
Oil on Canvas, 28x22
Retail value: $2,200

2E  Autumn Glow
Randy Honerlah
Acrylic on Canvas, 36x36
Retail value: $2,500

15A  The Fall
Carol Brent Levin
Reduction Woodcut, 16x20
Retail value: $400

Award Winners - Curator Awards

Art Curator - Jill Estroff

1A  Menerbes Garden
David Post
Acrylic on Paper, 32x40
Retail value: $3,800

2B  Jazz Life
Matt Rhoades
Oil on Board, 26x26
Retail value: $650

25B  In My Room
Catherine Erickson
Oil on Panel, 20x20
Retail value: $850

25D  Hands
Gina Geissinger
Acrylic on Paper, 22x28
Retail value: $375

25F  Caution
David Best
Photography, 20x26
Retail value: $600

Award Winners - Figurative

Awards Juror - Maureen Hood

23D  Zahara

Robert Simmons
Charcoal, 22x28
Retail value: $3,000

2C  Just a Girl
Aaron Johnson
Graphite, 20x24
Retail value: $2,000

1B  Thrift Store
Bud Gordon
Acrylic on Collage, 18x24
Retail value: $3,000

25C  Girl with the Red Leg
Lori Franz
Acrylic on Canvas, 20x28
Retail value: $500

Award Winners - Landscape

Awards Juror - Philippe Gandiol

2D  Spring Bloom

Ernest King
Acrylic on Canvas, 24x18
Retail Value: $500

1E  Looking West
Debra van Hulsteyn
Oil on Board, 24x24
Retail value: $600

36A  Centurians Wet Spring
Marilyn Eger
Oil on Canvas, 24x40
Retail value: $2,000

25E  Mother Nature at Work
Lenora Morris
Acrylic on Canvas, 36x24
Retail value: $450

Award Winners - Photography

Awards Juror - Gordon Lazzarone

2F Snow Cranes Dance

Michele McCormick
Photography, 22x26
Retail value: $475

32E  Shrimp Plant and Urn
Judy Yemma
Photography, 28x22
Retail value: $800

23A  Mind the Point
Amy Pero
Photography, 16x20
Retail value: $200

23E  Wildfire Sunset
Michael Maloney
Photography, 25x19
Retail value: $450

Award Winners - Sculpture

Awards Juror - Linda Gelfman

1F Storyteller

Catherine Van Aken
Clay and Glass, 12x7x9
Retail value: $450

23B  Color Bar
Carlaina Brown
Mixed Media, 36x36
Retail value: $450

23C  Diamond Depository
Joe Von Arx
Sculpture, 15x15x68
Retail value: $5,800

23F  Contemplation
Jeanette Morrow
Ceramic, 16x6x6
Retail value: $600

Award Winners - Still Life

Awards Juror - Karen Burns

1D  Lemon Stripes

Anthony Rogone
Watercolor, 26x33
Retail value: $2,000

2A  Mug Shot
Candy Famula
Oil on Canvas, 24x24
Retail value: $200

5B  The Dance of the Roses
Leslie McCarron
Oil on Board, 30x24
Retail value: $1,200

21A  Tulips To Live For
Sompol Chatusripitak
Watercolor, 22x18
Retail value: $300

Award Winners - Best Frame Design

Winner: Archival Gallery

Framing Judge - Cynthia Larson

3E  Buffalo Soldier
Lucille van Ommering
Photography, 24 x 36
Retail value: $750

Award Winners - People's Choice

35E  Summer's Promise
Dave Manousos
Acrylic on Canvas, 14x18
Retail value: $950