50th Anniversary of Public Media

Fifty years ago, the Public Broadcasting Act brought together a dream of television and radio for curious citizens of all ages, classes, and locations. Signed on November 7, the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 established a platform for public television and radio to enhance, enrich, and enlighten viewers and listeners across the nation. As the groundbreaking stepping stone for PBS, CPB, and NPR, it secured unbiased educational material in the form of kids programs, news outlets, local and public affairs, and entertainment media. On November 7, we’ll celebrate 50 years since the Act was signed and passed by President Lyndon B. Johnson and celebrate this monumental moment in time.

At KVIE, we’re proud to be a vital part of your community as your local storyteller, conveyer of ideas, and source of education for young minds and lifelong learners. We produce informational programs designed to keep you in the know through local programs like Studio Sacramento, ViewFinder, and Inside California Education, to name just a few. We also provide valuable national series like FRONTLINE, PBS NewsHour, Nature, and NOVA, bringing the world to your living room. This year, we launched our KVIE PBS KIDS channel, where youngsters can access quality programs promoting literacy as well as STEM and emotional learning around the clock at home and on the go through our free streaming and free app.

Join the Library of Congress and our fellow PBS member station WGBH live in Washington D.C. for a symposium paying tribute to the Act’s 50th anniversary on Friday, November 3 via Facebook and YouTube livestream from 11AM-3PM PST. “Preserving Public Broadcasting at 50 Years” will examine its history and discuss the importance of its preservation and the educational uses of public broadcasting for all.

See it on Facebook: facebook.com/libraryofcongress

See it on YouTube: youtube.com/LibraryOfCongress


David Lowe
KVIE President and General Manager

President’s Message: 50 years of The Public Broadcasting Act