Guidelines for On-Air Sponsor Messages

Credits of KVIE are intended as a way of thanking and identifying underwriters. In general, credits on public television maintain a noncommercial sound, in keeping with the noncommercial nature of public broadcasting.

KVIE can produce a spot for your organization or air and exisitng, preproduced spot. Most existing image or business brand spots are ideally suited for KVIE's unique low -clutter, highly credible environment. Those sponsor messages that do not meet FCC standards for public television may require minor changes.

Sponsor Messages MAY:

  • Be :10, :15 or :30 in length
  • Identify and depict sponsor's products or services
  • Show a logo
  • Use a well-established slogan or corporate positioning statement
  • Show a telephone number
  • Show a web site address
  • Show event dates and locations
  • Use music or sound effects identifying the company, people, and other voice-overs (Rights to music must be cleared first by client or agency)
  • Make an association between sponsor and program

Sponsor Messages May NOT:

  • Use comparative or superlative language.
  • Offer price, discount or financing information (including "free")
  • Use calls to action which direct the viewer to call, visit, try, or compare
  • Use inducement to buy statements that direct the viewer to purchase the product (e.g. free trial period, 2 for 1, etc)
  • Include endorsements

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