When most people consider giving to support public broadcasting, they think of making a pledge and writing a check. We receive many generous gifts this way each year. But there are other ways people make a difference by supporting KVIE.

Support by Mail or Online

You can support KVIE by mail, credit card, PayPal and more. Learn More>

Vehicle Donation

You can donate your used vehicle to KVIE and help support quality programming for everybody. Learn More>

Foundations/Special Gifts

Contributions from estates, assets, matching gifts, corporate, community foundations, and government grants are important sources of support for KVIE. Learn More>


Our Corporate Support department seeks sponsorship funded by corporations and the business community, government agencies, unions, associations, and foundations. Learn More>

Shop Online

Your online purchases can help KVIE bring a world of ideas, arts and adventure to our region. Learn More>


Each year, KVIE relies on the support of over 300 individuals through volunteerism to keep KVIE running smoothly: by providing office support on a weekly basis, taking phone bank pledges during our membership drives, and helping out during our special event fundraisers. Learn More>