Bera/Grant – 2018 CA-07 Candidates

Original airdate: 10/18/2018: Hear from the candidates in a special hour episode featuring conversations with Ami Bera and Andrew Grant, both running to represent California’s 7th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Homeless in Placerville

Original airdate: 6/22/2018: Homelessness is usually assumed to be an urban problem. But what happens to the homeless who live in rural California? Joining host Scott Syphax in editorial partnership is Placerville mayor Wendy Thomas to talk about homeless issues

University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law

Original airdate: 6/15/2018: The University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law has served the region from its home in Oak Park since 1924. Recently, McGeorge has embarked on a new initiative to elevate its rankings and refocus how it

Improve Your Tomorrow

Original airdate: 5/18/2018: Avoiding the criminal justice system and creating a positive future often comes without a roadmap for many in low income communities. Improve Your Tomorrow reaches at-risk youth and prepares them for future leadership. Improve Your Tomorrow co-founder Michael

State of Cannabis

Original airdate: 05/11/2018: The legalization of cannabis makes it increasingly a part of mainstream society. It has raised new questions about how cannabis is regulated and who benefits from it. Joe Devlin, Sacramento City’s first Chief of Cannabis Policy and

Dave Jones

Original airdate: 05/04/2018: California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has been the state’s consumer protection watchdog over the nation’s largest insurance marketplace. He has used his office as both regulator and advocate on issues ranging from healthcare reform to how to ensure

The Shooting of Stephon Clark

Original airdate: 04/27/2018: The death of 22-year-old Stephon Clark struck a chord that continues to reverberate through discussions happening across the Sacramento region and even throughout the nation. What does his death and the reaction by citizens mean and what does

Restorative Justice

Original airdate: 4/20/2018: When a crime is committed, the focus is on prosecution and punishment. However, a growing number of professionals focused on criminal justice reform believe a new approach called restorative justice should be used. Reggie Hola and Eural

Sacramento Promise Zone

Original airdate: 4/6/2018: The Sacramento Promise Zone encompasses 22 square miles of the economically hardest-hit neighborhoods in the city – from Del Paso Heights in the North Area to The Avenues in the South County. LeShelle Dozier and Tyrone Roderick Williams from

Helping Children Cope with Hospitalization and Illness

Original airdate: 3/30/2018: When children are hospitalized, undergoing intensive treatment, or struggling with autism or ADHD and trying to find their way in the world, what help is there for them beyond basic care? UC Davis Health is providing new, innovative