Eryle Swanson
"Fabulous Fluffles"
August 27 – October 25, 2019


Artist Statement:

I am inspired by nature and attempt to put this appreciation of both fun and joy in my work. The bunnies combine both nature and fun through their quirky bodies and quizzical expressions. They always get a reaction - which has been delightful to see. When I showed the first one the immediate reaction was “Do more!” I never know how they will turn out when I start the paintings. I began experimenting with groups - the first of which I donated in 2018 to the KVIE Art Auction. Again, I received a huge, positive reaction. By that time, I had done a number of small single rabbits and experimented with grouping them. The first of these is in this exhibit. I’ve done a variety of different styles of this subject in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. When KVIE invited me to do this exhibit it was a challenge to paint so many - and you will see the variations in their personalities, expressions and color.  -Eryle Swanson, 2019

About the artist:

Eryle's other works includes Jump Rope Rabbits sculptures (one of which was donated to the KVIE Art Auction in 2017), sculptural acrobats, and a variety of representational paintings of wildlife and evocative landscapes. He's currently working on a series of paintings that depict people in fun and interesting ways.

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Click on the thumbnails below to see a full image of each piece of artwork.

“Earthy Fluffle”
Acrylic/board, 7x30

“Fluffle Le Line”
Acrylic/board, 13x44

“Litter of Kittens I”
Acrylic/board, 14x16

“Hombre Fluffle”
Acrylic/board, 9x10

(SOLD) “Silver Fluffle”
Acrylic/board, 21x25

“Trio Fluffle I”
Acrylic/board, 11x5

Acrylic/board, 18x4

“Litter of Kittens II”
Acrylic/board, 8x12

“Green Fluffle”
Acrylic/board, 12x13

“Lime Fluffle”
Acrylic/board, 12x13

“Sunny Fluffle”
Acrylic/board, 7x28

“Trio Fluffle II”
Acrylic/board, 13x5

(SOLD) “Verticle Fluffle”
Acrylic/board, 3x24

“Fluffle Kitten I”
Acrylic/board, 4x4

“Fluffle Solo I”
Acrylic/board, 11x13

“Grid Fluffle I”
Acrylic/board, 8x12

“Pearl Fluffle”
Acrylic/board, 29x37

“Tangerine Fluffle”
Acrylic/board, 12x13

“Trio Fluffle III”
Acrylic/board, 11x5

“Yellow Fluffle”
Acrylic/board, 7x25

(SOLD) “Fluffle Kitten II
Acrylic/board, 4x4

(SOLD) “Fluffle Solo 2”
Acrylic/board, 11x13

“Grid Fluffle II (Hor)”
Acrylic/board, 24x6

“Putty Fluffle”
Acrylic/board, 9x10

“Original Fluffle”
Acrylic/board, 29x37

“Trio Fluffle IV”
Acrylic/board, 11x5

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