Carrie Cottini
"New Work"
November 1 – December 27, 2019

Artist Statement:

Lipsticks provide Carrie Cottini with endless inspiration. They are at once intensely personal objects and completely unashamed. Each lipstick is subject to the intimate imprint of its owner, and no two are alike. Cottini likes to consider the personality traits that lead to different wear patterns (Sophistication? Intensity! Shyness…), and the design and aesthetic and identity of each different make-up brand. She would like to thank Irene for giving her 20 years’ worth of Clinique free-gift-with-purchase lipstick tubes. Some worn to nubs and some still virginal, they have all become muses in their various states of degeneration. She loves the physical manifestation of hard-earned wear and tear; used lipsticks illustrate this beautifully.

About the artist:

Born in Sacramento, CA, Carrie Cottini has been showing her artwork in the region for over 20 years. She received a BA in Art, with a double emphasis in Painting and Art History, from Humboldt State University in 2000. In those days the internet was young, and artists in Humboldt County had the benefit of creating work in relative isolation, without being inundated by outside influences and larger trends. She sometimes longs for those innocent days in the forest, living behind the “redwood curtain.” Cottini relocated to San Francisco in 2006, and spends her free time gardening, thrift shopping, waiting for MUNI, and patronizing the Western Addition Branch Library.

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Click on the thumbnails below to see a full image of each piece of artwork.

“I Kissed A Girl”
Graphite/paper, 8x6

“Kiss on My List”
Graphite/paper, 8x6

“Just Touch My Cheek Before You Leave Me, Baby”
Acrylic/canvas, 10x10

“Kiss from a Rose”
Graphite/paper, 8x6

“Will You Still Love...”
Acrylic/panel, 16x9

“Just Call Me Angel of the Morning Angel”
Acrylic/canvas, 10x10

“Hold Me Thrill Me...”
Graphite/paper, 8x6

“I'll be Your Mirror”
Acrylic/canvas, 10x10

Acrylic/panel, 12x12

Kiss Me Deadly
Graphite/paper, 8x6

“Lips Like Sugar”
Acrylic/canvas, 10x10

Acrylic/canvas, 10x10

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