BETTY BISHOP - Try to See it My Way

April 10, 2018 – June 8, 2018

Artist Statement

Betty Bishop is a self-taught photographer from the Lake Almanor/Mt. Lassen area. While she often says she will take a picture of almost anything, most of her work is done outdoors.  She tries to make an image that will convey to her audience the sense of wonder she feels when she activates that shutter.  For her, art is a window into the sensibilities of the artist, not just what she sees, but what she brings to the process.  She feels a heady joy of experiencing a new landscape, of taking the time to becoming well enough acquainted with it to feel capable of conveying that excitement to the public.  Whether focusing on the far horizon, or zeroing in on a wild bird in its native milieu, she hopes to share the passions, the inquisitiveness, the simple joy that goes into creating a piece of art..

-Betty Bishop, 2018

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Peirano Estate

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