Jill Estroff
"Outdoor Beings"
June 18 – August 23, 2019

Artist Reception: Thursday, June 27 6PM - 8PM at KVIE Studios
Meet the artist, enjoy light refreshments, explore the work!

About the Exhibition:

This collection features the thrill of being outdoors. “As I painted images of folks experiencing beaches, canyons, hiking trails, bike paths, and our rivers, the idea of “Outdoor Beings” came together with curator D Neath also selecting images of wild horses for the exhibition.” Contact arts@kvie.org or call (916) 641 - 3663 for pricing.

About Jill Estroff:

Jill earned her B.A. in English and Communications in 1978 from the University of South Florida in Tampa. Her love of art made her role as Marketing Director of the Crocker Art Museum from 1986 to 1993 a dream job. Inspired, she took classes with SCC art professors Chris Daubert and Fred Dalkey in the early 1990s, and renewed her dedication to painting in 2014, first exhibiting in galleries in 2015. Jill has been honored with six INSIDE Publications covers since 2014. Learn more about Jill at www.jillestroff.com.

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