The Collection – October 4-6, 2019

Opening bids start at 30% of the gallery price, and are subject to change due to Preview Gala pre-bidding.

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Friday October 4, 7PM – 10PM

BREAK 1 – 10/4/2019 7PM – Award Winners

1A “Pop Art Floral”
Carol Hawkins
Mixed Media, 24x24

1B “Commutertopia”
Brent Gibb
Acrylic on Canvas, 16x20

1C “Inverness Fishermen”
Christopher Olsen
Oil on Canvas, 24x36

1D “Nebulae”
Jared Konopitski
Mixed Media, 16x20

1E “Bitter Fruit”
Dwight Head
Mixed Media, 30x24

1F “Celebration”
Eryle Swanson
Mixed Media, 14x16

BREAK 2 – 10/4/2019 7:30PM – Contemporary Classics

2A “Sound of Music”
Teri Watson
Mixed Media, 18x24

2B “Gentle Rain Upstream” (2 pieces)
Dawn E. Greene
Acrylic on Canvas, 16x24

2C “Dills in the Forest”
Ruth Morrow
Watercolor, 29x35

2D “20/20 Vision”
Paul Basye
Acrylic on Canvas, 27x21

2E “Birchbark Revisited”
Kaz Huette
Porcelain, 16x8x3

2F “Lego Color Lamp”
David Tracy
Mixed Media, 11x6x7

BREAK 3 – 10/4/2019 8:00PM – Award Winners

3A “Pink Lily”
Anna Barber
Photography, 23x39

3B “Flowers from Gretchen”
Marilyn Eger
Oil on Canvas, 30x24

3C “Big Bunch of Carpet Roses”
Leslie McCarron
Oil on Canvas, 28x28

3D “Flower Party in a Vase”
Vicki Foote
Acrylic on Canvas, 34x28

3E “Timber Cove View”
Joe Stratton
Acrylic on Canvas,25x38

3F “Vimana Metal Lamp”
Frank Barrera
Mixed Media, 22x12x12

BREAK 4 – 10/4/2019 8:30PM – California's Gold

4A “High Water at Sand Cove Park”
Jasmine Shahbandi
Oil on Linen, 18x24

4B “The Bay Bridge”
Keith Bachmann
Oil on Canvas, 36x48

4C “Roadside Garden”
Linda Abbott
Oil on Canvas, 30x30

4D “Sunny Bee”
Barbara Gill
Watercolor, 20x24

4E “In the Shade”
Sue Chapman
Acrylic on Canvas, 18x36

4F “Mono Lake”
Dianne DiCarlo
Acylic on Canvas,  25x21

BREAK 5 – 10/4/2019 9:00PM – California's Gold

5A “Golden Beauties”
Gregory Smith
Acrylic on Canvas, 20x16

5B “Standing Tall”
Patricia Prendergast
Pastels, 27x21

5C “Valley Rice Fields”
Janet Weidel
Oil on Canvas, 18x24

5D “The Hops Buildings in Wheatland"
Bonnie Armstrong
Mixed Media, 21x26

5E “River Walk”
Ed Nordstrom
Photography, 26x20

5F “Sunset Gold”
Maggie McGurk
Mixed Media,  16x20

BREAK 6 – 10/4/2019 9:30PM – California's Gold

6A “Sacramento River Afternoon”
Bruce Leavitt
Acrylic on Canvas, 16x20

6B “Scribner Bend”
Barbara Arnold
Oil on Linen, 26x20

6C “Before the World Awakens”
Nina Thomson
Pastels, 31x24

6D “Sierra Treasure”
Velma Davidson
Oil on Board, 24x29

6E “Laundry Day in Lincoln”
Diane Pargament
Watercolor, 18x20

6F “Church: Dublin, CA”
Billy Ward
Mixed Media,  22x28

Saturday October 5, 12PM – 10PM

BREAK 7 – 10/5/2019 12:00PM – The Short Center

7A “Lon Chaney in Clown Costume”
Gabe Campbell
Acrylic on Board, 25x21

7B “Dog & Butterfly”
Josie Beeman
Acrylic on Board, 31x15

7C “Untitled”
Gina Simonsen
Acrylic on Canvas, 30x24

7D “Cum Cruentam Regiam”
Robin Marshall
Acrylic on Canvas, 30x30

7E “Cat's Meow”
Stephanie Seastrand
Acrylic on Canvas,  52x42

7F “Harry Styles”
Dawne Franklin
Acrylic on Board,  27x12

BREAK 8 – 10/5/2019 12:30PM – Mid-century Modern

8A “Mate with a Pawn”
Frank Chavez
Pencil - B&W, 24x18

8B “Under the Tuscan Moon”
Paula Sugarman
Mixed Media, 24x18

8C “Plant Stars”
Roger Thibault
Acrylic on Canvas, 24x30

8D “Hillside”
Vance Vasu
Acrylic on Canvas, 16x20

8E “Illusion”
Todd H. Head
Mixed Media,  24x16

8F “Sandstorm”
Hannah Nicholson & Alana van Altena
Glass,  5x13x14

BREAK 9 – 10/5/2019 1:00PM – Birds

9A “Taking Flight II”
Kathy Dona
Oil on Canvas, 16x20

9B “Egret”
Brandi Pfleider
Mixed Media, 24x25

9C “Delta Geese”
Patricia Lucas
Watercolor, 18x22

9D “Swan and Ibis”
Elise Reilly
Pastels, 31x25

9E “Coop de Villa”
Carol Mott-Binkley
Photography, 19x23

9F “Owl”
Margo Kaufman
Ceramic,  13x7x7

BREAK 10 – 10/5/2019 1:30PM – Animals

10A “Sacramento Zoo Flamingo”
Joan Musillani
Oil on Canvas, 24x31

10B “Tree of Hearts”
Tananarive Aubert
Photography, 25x18

10C “William the Billy Goat”
Candace Famula
Acrylic on Canvas, 20x20

10D “Blondie - Searching for Salmon”
Lynne Edwards
Photography, 25x21

10E “Peacock, Peacock on the Wall...”
Kellie Raines
Pastels,  25x21

10F “CDE”
Don Yost
Ceramic,  10x9x3

BREAK 11 – 10/5/2019 2:00PM – Animals

11A “First Day at the River (Yellow Lab)”
Doug Souza
Oil on Canvas, 26x22

11B “Pleasant Puppy”
Ron Breeden
Oil on Canvas, 30x24

11C “The Black Cat”
Isabel Shaskan
Acrylic on Canvas, 30x40

11D “Bighorn Winter XV”
Darby Hayes
Photography, 28x43

11E “slowmoe”
Mary Stoschke
Mixed Media,  12x30x16

11F “Manajari”
Charlotte Marcum-Rush
Oil on Canvas,  24x30

BREAK 12 – 10/5/2019 2:30PM – Landscape

12A “Yosemite Spring”
Phyllis Belben
Watercolor, 21x29

12B “Clouds in the Trees, Yosemite Valley”
Joey Johnson
Photography, 26x21

12C “Half Dome”
Jill Estroff
Acrylic on Canvas, 30x24

12D “Middle Cathedral Rock, Yosemite”
Helen Plenert
Watercolor, 26x21

12E “The Old House (Vecchia Casa)”
Kurt Hausmann
Oil on Board,  42x30

12F “Untitled Landscape”
Colleen Applegate
Acrylic on Canvas,  28x22

BREAK 13 – 10/5/2019 3:00PM – Contemporary Classics

13A “Colors of Spring”
Ramona Kaye Beckwith
Acrylic on Canvas, 20x16

13B “Modern Man...”
Ken Blomberg
Mixed Media, 20x26

13C “Earth Meets Sky”
Kay Kelison
Acrylic on Canvas, 16x20

13D “Tiny Pieces of Everything #2”
Victoria Smith
Mixed Media, 25x33

13E “Between 2 Unknowns”
Elisa Yamakita Nicholas
Oil on Canvas,  32x32

13F “Spirit”
David Komar
stone,  12x6x6

BREAK 14 – 10/5/2019 3:30PM – Contemporary Classics

14A “I Love Peaches”
Lucia Rothgeb
Acrylic on Canvas, 17x21

14B “Blue Rhythm”
Tazio Childress
Acrylic on Canvas, 24x30

14C “Purple Clouds”
Norma Roos
Oil on Canvas, 48x36

14D “Golden”
Amy Vidra
Mixed Media, 30x30

14E “Metropolis”
John R. Jurisich
Oil on Canvas,  30x30

14F “Grace”
Louise McGowan Bezark
Mixed Media,  12x10x28

BREAK 15 – 10/5/2019 4:00PM – Elk Grove Fine Arts Center

15A “We All Have Two Faces”
Katherine Robbins
Clay, 12x13x9

15B “The Pilot”
Kim Tennant
Oil on Canvas, 18x24

15C “Delta View”
Nancy Sloan
Oil on Board, 16x20

15D “Memories - Bodie Ghost Town”
Jan Rau
Watercolor, 19x24

15E “Blue Horse #2”
Jolene Matson
Ceramic,  18x25x9

BREAK 16 – 10/5/2019 4:30PM – Equestrian

16A “Zahara's Enchantment”
Janice Freischlag
Acrylic Canvas, 31x43

16B “Changing Directions”
Bobbi Baldwin
Oil on Canvas, 24x30

16C “Escape”
Pat Stoddard Aragon
Oil on Canvas, 16x20

16D “Untitled”
Emily Elders
Relief Print, 21x26

16E “Earth Horse”
Alice Horst
Ceramic,  12x12x3

16F “Coming Home”
Kathy Higgins
Photography,  29x23

BREAK 17 – 10/5/2019 5:00PM – Viewpoint Photographic Art Center

17A “Fiery Autumn Leaves”
Alan Fishleder
Photography, 22x28

17B “Approaching the Library of Celsus”
John Campbell
Photography, 23x20

17C “Parkside”
Rhonda Campbell
Photography, 21x18

17D “Autumn Leaf, American River”
Lewis Kemper
Photography, 28x22

17E “Golden Gate Bridge Evening”
Hayata Takeshita
Photography,  23x19

17F “Frosted Bridge”
Judy Yemma
Photography,  17x30

BREAK 18 – 10/5/2019 5:30PM – Photography

18A “Paradise Lost (and Found)”
David Robertson
Photography, 29x24

18B “Elevation 14,000 ft.”
Michiyo Watanabe
Photography, 16x24

18C “Rainbow Bridge, Folsom, CA”
Michael Corlew
Photography, 39x32

18D “Rockefeller Center”
Michael Solomon
Photography, 27x25

18E “Sunset at Fallen Leaf Lake”
Darin Cozine
Photography,  16x24

18F “Cosumnes Flurry”
Scott Jamison
Photography, 20x26

BREAK 19 – 10/5/2019 6:00PM – A Visit to the Country

19A “Country Landscape”
Mim Meakin
Watercolor, 27x33

19B “Bull in Your Face”
Sandy Lindblad
Pastels, 19x23

19C “Lazy, Happy Summer Afternoon”
Barbara Damon
Oil on Canvas, 23x19

19D “Fly Fishing on the Stanislaus River”
Paulette Pesavento
Oil on Canvas, 20x25

19E “Gold on the Horizon”
Beth Savidge
Photography,  22x28

19F “McGee Creek”
Gay Kent
Photography,  24x36

BREAK 20 – 10/5/2019 6:30PM – A Day at the Beach

20A “Low Tide Beach Time”
Donnella Hurley
Acrylic on Board, 16x20

20B “Baby Doll”
Victoria Brooks
Oil on Linen, 20x16

20C “Low Tide at Garrapata”
Barry Jamison
Pastels, 23x28

20D “Ko'olau Mountain Range"
Marie Gonzales
Pastels, 26x33

20E “Waikiki”
Richard Meagher
Watercolor,  32x28

BREAK 21 – 10/5/2019 7:00PM – The Artery

21A “Callas”
Linda Miller
Acrylic on Canvas, 12x24

21B “The Bells are Ringing”
Emma Luna
Mixed Media, 26x29

21C “Fun Flag”
Heidi Marie Bekebrede
Mixed Media, 28x22

21D “Sabre Squirrelfish”
Christopher Dewees
Relief print, 23x24

21E “Seven Trees”
Laura Morton
Mixed Media, 27x24

21F “Quilted Maple Dyed Bowl”
Neal DeVore
Wood, 16x16x3

BREAK 22 – 10/5/2019 7:30PM – California's Gold

22A “Autumn Vineyard”
Acrylic on Canvas, 40x30

22B “Old Griffith Quarry”
James Brunk
Oil on Board, 20x22

22C “Old Sacramento Remembered”
Steve Memering
Oil on Canvas, 26x32

22D “California Grasses”
Jill Erickson
Oil on Board, 22x30

22E “Pier at Lake Tahoe”
Timothy Mulligan
Acrylic on Canvas, 18x22

22F “After the Storm”
Doreen Irwin
Oil on Canvas, 35x24

BREAK 23 – 10/5/2019 8:00PM – California Masters

23A “You May Already Be a Winner”
Lee Kavaljian
Ceramic, 18x18x3

23B “Glow Bird #3”
Gary Pruner
Mixed Media, 16x20

23C “My Father's 1950 Studebaker”
Bob Miller
Acrylic on Board, 16x24

23D “River House 1980”
Roy Tellefson
Oil on Canvas, 44x53

23E “Crow”
Stephanie Taylor
Ceramic, 17x8x5

BREAK 24 – 10/5/2019 8:30PM – California Masters

24A “Extinction March”
Kim Scott
Oil on Board, 20x24

24B “Captain Delta Shores”
Esteban Villa
Mixed Media, 23x24

24C “Yosemite Creek 2”
Ken Waterstreet
Oil on Canvas, 40x30

24D “River Styx I”
Robin Leddy Giustina
Oil on Canvas, 20x24

24E “Dogs Playing Poker PBN”
Maria Winkler
Acrylic on Canvas, 22x26

BREAK 25 – 10/5/2019 9:00PM – KVIE Gallery

25A “Three Lemons”
Marie-Therese Brown
Oil on Canvas, 24x24

25B “Raven Elements 1”
Kurt Fishback
Photography, 20x16

25C “Reflections, Fort Bragg Sea Wall”
Betty Bishop
Photography, 20x26

25D “A Clay Fishcar”
Gary Dinnen
Clay, 19x7x10

25E “Vamp”
Carrie Cottini
Acrylic on Board, 13x13

25F “Garden Globe”
Mariellen Layne
Ceramic, 19x17 round

BREAK 26 – 10/5/2019 9:30PM – Award Winners

26A “North Fork of the American River”
Alan Ashenfarb
Photography, 23x19

26B “Morning Mist Clearing, Morro Bay”
Caroline Henry
Mixed Media, 24x20

26C “Sheltering from the Storm”
Anna Skacel
Photography, 25x31

26D “Early Spring Breakfast at Chateau Eze”
Michael Hoffee
Acrylic on Canvas, 46x54

26E “Mother Hen”
Cynthia Hipkiss
Ceramic, 27x12x9

26F “Sammy P. Stampleton”
Cathy Keil
Clay, 12x14x11

Sunday October 6, 12PM – 10PM

BREAK 27 – 10/6/2019 12:00PM – Lodi Community Art Center

27A “Grounding Compass”
Patti Wallace
Mixed Media, 36x36

27B “On the Way to Halibut Cove”
Patti Kennedy
Pastels, 25x31

27C “The Sea Lives”
Shay Livenspargar
Mixed Media, 24x48

27D “Eternal Flame”
JC Strote
Glass, 11x24

27E “A Lodi Crane”
Elsa Bates
Metal, 29x38x15

BREAK 28 – 10/6/2019 12:30PM – Sculpture

28A “King Neptune (Pete)”
James Powers
Metal, 9x24x6

28B “Aunt Effie's”
Robert Beers
Clay, 16 round x4

28C “Another Horsehair Raku Trio”
John Klunder
Clay, 5x15x11

28D “Bullet”
Mathew Glaisyer
Ceramic, 18x14x14

28E “The Three Housewives"
Darrci Robertson
Ceramic, 16x32x7

28F “Red Red Swine”
Anthony Gill
Ceramic, 33x19x16

BREAK 29 – 10/6/2019 1:00PM – Landscapes

29A “Badópo Wilderness”
Ron Wade
Oil on Canvas, 30x24

29B “Hawaiian Koy Pond”
Lucille Ratermann
Acrylic on Canvas, 22x28

29C “Untitled”
Alan Shannon
Acrylic on Canvas, 30x23

29D “Finding Nature's Strength”
Lenora Morris
Acrylic on Canvas, 30x39

29E “Falls in the Fall"
William Van Hill
Acrylic on Board, 19x23

BREAK 30 – 10/6/2019 1:30PM – Sculpture

30A “Chinese Junk Boat”
JoRené Danel
Glass, 16x17

30B “Stone Plate”
Jack Richardson
Stone, 8x3

30C “Dog”
Shirley Tsuda
Ceramic, 17x18x10

30D “Untitled”
Rosalie Roth
Ceramic, 8x8

30E “Contained Burst of Earth Ripples"
Taylor Gutermute
Metal, 19x19

30F “Rocklin”
Randy Won
Sculpture, 37x25x8

BREAK 31 – 10/6/2019 2:00PM – Landscape

31A “Neighborhood Watch”
Sandy Delehanty
Watercolor, 14x21

31B “Barcelona Balconies, Spain"
Barbara Kempe
Watercolor, 24x18

31C “Cherry Blossom Time”
Naomi Heid
Watercolor, 19x23

31D “Land's End”
Robert Lindberg
Acrylic on Board, 20x24

31E “Cave at Shark Fin Cove"
Darrell O'Sullivan
Photography, 26x21

BREAK 32 – 10/6/2019 2:30PM – Contemporary Classics

32A “Vacation Envy”
Whitney Lofrano
Watercolor, 37x29

32B “Moon Phases"
Jennifer Keller
Arylic on Canvas, 30x40

32C “Grotto of Rosh Hanikra”
Elinor Rosen
Oil on Canvas, 25x31

32D “Blue Flower”
Amandeep Kalkat
Acrylic on Canvas, 18x24

32E “Party Tree"
Sylvia Wilson
Mixed Media, 24x18

32F “Untitled"
Wende Kashin Obata
Mixed Media, 24x36

BREAK 33 – 10/6/2019 3:00PM – Artists' Collaborative Gallery

33A “Conservatory Flowers”
Dick Stern
Acrylic on Board, 18x24

33B “Aspens"
Dennis Ariza
Photography, 38x28

33C “Five Oil Cans”
Grant Kreinberg
Photography, 16x20

33D “Partners”
Cathryn Coffman
Oil on Canvas, 24x48

33E “Lady in Red"
Mel Rose
Photography, 16x20

33F “The Big Blue"
Janet Kopper
Photography, 16x24

BREAK 34 – 10/6/2019 3:30PM – Still Life

34A “When Life is Sweet”
Marcellia Bombola
Acrylic on Canvas, 43x31

34B “White Magnolias on a Branch"
Polly Dahms
Oil on Canvas, 36x36

34C “An Iris for Lillie”
Carrie Thomsen
Watercolor, 23x33

34D “Russian Tea Cup, Lace and Freesias”
Anna Judd Edwards
Oil on Board, 20x18

34E “Art Gallery - Honfleur, France"
Joyce Bisbee
Oil on Canvas, 16x20

BREAK 35 – 10/6/2019 4:00PM – Blue Line Arts

35A “Gatherers”
Louise Thompson Schiele
Mixed Media, 16x22

35B “Easy Rider"
D.A. Brown
Oil on Canvas, 15x30

35C “Day at the Beach”
Joe Strickland
Mixed Media, 16x20

35D “Sand and Sea”
Joyce Williams
Pastels, 18x24

35E “Poppies by the Levee"
Carol Hodgson
Pastels, 28x28

35F “Spring Bluffs"
Ina Rankin
Acrylic on Canvas, 24x30

BREAK 36 – 10/6/2019 4:30PM – Figurative

36A “Pride & Prejudice”
Stephany Nickel
Watercolor, 21x14

36B “Vase"
Thomas Sellas
Ceramic, 13x9

36C “Untitled”
Gladys O'Keefe
Pastels, 28x33

36D “The Buffalo Hunter John Nelson”
Robert Wise
Pencil - Color, 22x25

36E “Crescendo"
Margot Comer
Oil on Canvas, 18x23

36F “Untitled Mask"
D.L. Thomas
Ceramic, 10x45x6

BREAK 37 – 10/6/2019 5:00PM – Photography

37A “Carousel Dreams”
Lucille van Ommering
Photography, 29x21

37B “Against the Storm"
David Nasater
Photography, 32x24

37C “Zion Narrows Bonsai”
Douglas Parks
Photography, 19x27

37D “Artists Supplies”
Michael Fitzwater
Photography, 16x20

37E “San Francisco Gay Men's Choir"
David Best
Photography, 18x40

BREAK 38 – 10/6/2019 5:30PM – Photography

38A “Summer Solstice at Chako Canyon”
Thomas Cox
Photography, 21x17

38B “Descent Into Madness at Bergen Harbor"
Paul Lambie
Photography, 16x24

38C “Waiting for the Paint to Dry”
Mike Boyle
Photography, 16x20

38D “The Lone Toilet”
Derek Novaes
Photography, 16x24

38E “Myanmar Water Taxis"
Rachel Rosenthal
Photography, 26x36

38F “Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe"
Dave Kent
Photography, 24x36

BREAK 39 – 10/6/2019 6:00PM – California Masters

39A “Untitled”
Matt Bolt
Mixed Media, 12x14

39B “Sting"
Robert Bowen
Lithograph, 37x25

39C “Crossforms VII”
Julie Didion
Ceramic, 18x8x8

39D “Untitled”
Gregory Kondos
Lithograph, 38x32

39E “Trigger Fish"
Fred Gordon
Ceramic, 24x17

BREAK 40 – 10/6/2019 6:30PM – Contemporary Classics

40A “Absolution”
Charlotte Cooper
Encaustic, 30x40

40B “School One Day"
Ann Nancy Macomber
Acrylic on Board, 42x43

40C “Band Practice”
Linda Nunes
Encaustic, 30x31

40D “Free Spirit”
Kami Maleky
Acrylic on Canvas, 18x24

40E “Recurrence #9"
Sean Royal
Mixed Media, 23x35x3

40F “Breakthrough"
Allison Spreadborough
Watercolor, 29x23

BREAK 41 – 10/6/2019 7:00PM – Award Winners

41A “Shop Girl - Local Papers”
Maureen Hood
Mixed Media, 30x40

41B “Persimmon Glow"
Judy Knott
Oil on Canvas, 21x17

41C “Untitled”
Michael Pasquale
Mixed Media, 19x22

41D “Delta Island Fields”
Richard Stein
Acrylic on Canvas, 36x48

41E “Untitled"
Judith Harrison
Mixed Media, 12x12

41F “Misty"
Debra Kreck-Harnish
Mixed Media, 32x30x48

BREAK 42 – 10/6/2019 7:30PM – Figurative

42A “Canvasback in the Autumn Delta”
Anita Lo
Oil on Canvas, 23x23

42B “Mujer"
Juanishi Orosco
Acrylic on Board, 39x33

42C “The Old Swimming Hole”
Cynthia Bows
Clay, 24x24x3

42D “Needleworker”
Ye Pho Xiong
Mixed Media, 20x10x12

42E “Big Blue Dog"
Carilyn Moyer
Ceramic, 24x11x14

BREAK 43 – 10/6/2019 8:00PM – Investment Hour

43A “Untitled Beatles photo”
Jessie Bravo
Photography, 25x30

43B “The Bath"
Patricia Altschul
Oil on Canvas, 19x36

43C “Dawn, American River in Winter”
Jian Wang
Oil Canvas, 30x48

43D “White Daffodils”
Pat Mahony
Oil on Canvas, 19x22

BREAK 44 – 10/6/2019 8:30PM – Investment Hour

44A “Verna Burger”
Mel Ramos
Lithograph, 19x24

44B “Balance"
Jonathan Lowe
Oil on Canvas, 48x48

44C “Maija HoldHENg Flamingo Flames”
Maija Peeples-Bright
Mixed Media,

44D “Celestial Lagoon”
William Ishmael
Metal, 19x40x2

BREAK 45 – 10/6/2019 9:00PM – California Masters

45A “Summer Camp”
Eric Dahlin
Ceramic, 9x10x8

45B “Examination of a Dream"
Corey Okada
Mixed Media, 37x27

45C “Jerry Goes to Work”
Robert Ransom
Oil on Canvas, 49x60

45D “Dori's Garden”
Marilyn Kuksht
Steel, 14x10x9

45E “Earth Mother"
Tommie Moller
Ceramic, 31x26x30

BREAK 46 – 10/6/2019 9:30PM – Contemporary Classics

46A “Pink Panther”
Zianya Guerra
Photography, 20x26

46B “Black Bird"
Patricia Leenders
Photography, 16x20

46C “Iridescence”
Megan Bucko
Watercolor, 27x19

46D “Tower on Fire”
Arthur Sordillo
Mixed Media, 20x24

46E “Oysters with Color Block"
Laureen Landau
Oil on Canvas, 35x43

46F “ Boston wants to be a Townie"
Lindsey Filby
Mixed Media