For the 19th Year in a Row PBS is #1 in Public Trust.

PBS KVIE has launched a door-to-door member outreach program, sending professional canvassers into neighborhoods across the Northern California Region.

58,000 PBS KVIE Members in the region.

Our community door-to-door program enables us to personally convey the importance of PBS KVIE and quality programming to hundreds of families every week. By donating safely and securely through one of our canvassers, you help us share inspirational, educational, and informative PBS programming with your family, friends, and neighbors here in our region of northern California.

Meet Our Canvassers

Canvasser headshot for Bobby


Canvasser headshot for Ross


Canvasser headshot for Alan


Canvasser headshot for Peter


Cropped headshot photo of Alyeh Takano


Cropped headshot photo of Barret Reinhard


Marina Espejo headshot photo


Xavier Lozano headshot photo


Anna Aikman

Kraden Allen

Julia Craven

Arthur Freda

George Frank

James Goodrich-Ryan

Daniel Hill

Henry Killough

Kera Kobernick

Erik Morales-Gutierrez

Eric Prudent

Bobby Shepherd