Sacramento Zoo

Explore animal creativity through a Sacramento Zoo enrichment program that helps chimpanzees and other creatures paint.

Tuesdays 7:00PM

KVIE Arts Showcase is a weekly series that celebrates arts from around the world and right here at home. Come with us as we experience America’s most interesting and talented artists.

Support for KVIE Arts Showcase provided by Murphy Austin Adams Schoenfeld, LLP. 

KVIE Arts Showcase is funded in part by the Cultural Arts Award of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission with support from the City and County of Sacramento.

Al Farrow
Discover more questions that answers in the secret details of artist Al Farrow's creations, designed to capture the audience's attention and inspire them to look deeper.

Tre Borden
Meet Tre Borden, a Sacramento artist using his craft to create communities.

The Art of Sculpture
Explore the art of sculpture and design.

Music Repair
A school district’s instrument repair shop helps students learn to play music.

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